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I really like what this guy came up with. I would like to see the light be underneath the bottle, so you wouldn't have to pull it out. Then to kill them you could pour soapy water down the spout!

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Comment by CUB on May 29, 2011 at 9:17pm

So we watched the video.  I think this guy was super nice to put this out there for free. I know he is now trying to sell a prototype but I think he deserves some credit/income if these things really work. Once we fully test our copies I will probably buy one from him just to support him and his good ideas.


He has two models:

1. Is actually just a hand held bug catcher and has no light and is made with a smaller bottle. My husband made two of these.  They work fantastic!!  My daughter in particular loves catching stink bugs with the new catcher.  Currently we had been catching the hundreds of stinkbugs in our house and new screened porch with a 1/2 filled bottle of pine sol. We used pine sol because it has a strong smell to cover the stink and it kills them pretty fast.  The only problem was the smaller opening on the bottle. With the new catcher it is MUCH easier to catch them because of the wider mouth. The design prevents any from crawling out.  We caught about 110 in this contraption in less than 24 hours and this wasn't the only method we were using.  The only downside is that with so many live stink bugs concentrated in one place the smell is god awful and we had to keep it on the porch.  So with the 2nd catcher we poured about a 1/2 inch to an inch of pine sol in the bottom.  This was preferable in that it eliminated the smell completely. The downside to having the pine sol in the bottle is that is restricts how much you can  tip the opening sideways. Without the pine sol you can manipulate the bottle any which way which allows you to catch more stink bugs.  With the pine sol you are limited but the smell is much better.  The other downside for either is taking off the masking tape and cleaning the contraption. With the one without Pine Sol my husband did pour some pine sol in it to kill them and then opened up the container and flushed them once they were dead.


2. The first night my husband made one of the stink bug catchers pictured above with a light in it.  It was his first try and he has since fine tuned it.  We have a tiny crawl space attic that is hard to reach, so we didn't want to test it there. We decided to try it on our screened porch where we get hundreds a day.  (This screened porch was just built last November and it basically unusable at times because of the amount of stink bugs that congregate on the inside screens)  I caught two stink bugs manually with the catcher and then left it lit on a table on the screened porch all night. Next morning no new stink bugs and one was gone!  My husband has since fine tuned his first try and we are trying it again on the screen porch. Tonight  I put it up high on a ledge (over 12 feet) near  the higher up screens they seem to prefer. Hopefully we will get a few this way. The second one went in the basement near a window and vent that they have only recently been coming in with frequency. Actually until this month the finished part of or basement had been almost stink bug free. The unfinished part was infested due to an old slider door. We had hundreds crawling around the door and thousands of dead ones on the ground.  We finally got a new slider door. It took a week but we only get about 10 bugs in that part of the basement.  However the rest of the basement has become filled with stink bugs. I guess they gave up on the slider and come in through the window or vent.  ARRRGHHH.  Will post if we have good luck with the lit version.

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