I think I have a stink bug infestation in my car... I have a mercedes C240 and last year I was living in a wooded area..I often parked on grass and the house I lived in was frequented with unwanted stink bug guests..I began noticing random stink bugs in my car..I would be driving and 1 would walk across the window..I am PETRIFIED of these things..I know they don't hurt you..that is everyone's first response to my griping..I have a phobia of bugs ...always have since I was young..and this is the worst ever..I literally start sweating and get a headache and want to cry ..they make me feel dirty and  quite is very embarrassing as I am in my it seems ironic almost this is happening to me...ANYWAY back to my I noticed throughout the fall everytime I got in my car I would see 1..if I did not see 1 when I first got in , i would be driving for just a few minutes and one would walk out..I began driving with Raid in my car and would drench it when I saw it and throw it out with papertowls (I know Raid does not kill them but it seemed to stun them or something) I would have to pull over an nearly wrecked several times and would be reduced to tears from this experience..I had the car serviced in November and the guy informed me that when he pulled out the cabin air filters they found "bugs" in them he didn't know what a stink bug was--fro whatever reason but he discribed them and was also disgusted by what he saw so I know it was them...he changed the filters and for months  I had peace (and a great smelling vehicle) .

 Last week I got in the car and was completely caught off guard..there was 1 just walking across the window in the back..I flipped out and got my father who pulled it out of the car..I had a long drive and was shaken up so I borrowed his car instead of driving mother went in my car and looked around and said she didn't see after a few days I decided this was ridiculous and perhaps a random coincidence so I went and sat in my car..I sat there for 5 minutes and saw nothing..I was relieved and felt relaxed so I went in the house and changed for the gym and happily trotted out to my car..I opened the door..and BOOM the little sucker was crawling on my driver side door frame! I screamed ran mom came out and got it and also looked through my the trunk , all over..she saw nothing..I refuse to drive my car as I know they are in there..I am so upset and have constant anxiety..I realize this all sounds ridiculous but it is greatly affecting my life...(also I would like to point out that because of my fear of these creatures and bugs in general I am always careful to lock my doors tight and keep the windows and sun roof shut) So tomorrow my dad and I are going to take my car to the shop to be looked at and I will explain all this..I am embarrassed to even tell them and I know they won't understand..I don't know if they will even know where to begin looking or what to do to fix it if they did find something..

If anyone out there has a similar problem or any idea of a solution or can suggest how I explain this to the car service shop or anything at all PLEASE let me know..this problem is crippling my life and driving me mad..I am so upset because my car is in excellent condition and didn't really want to deal with or have to sell and get a new one right now but I am starting to think that is going to be my only option...PLEASE HELP ME

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Comment by megan riley on October 3, 2012 at 5:48pm

you are not alone! every time I get into my fiance's car I inspect it inside before we go somewhere and alot of times I think there are none in it and bam one appears out of nowhere! Its not fun for my fiance when I start freaking out while he is driving lol. These nasty things make me not want to leave the house and I definitly have been staying in more often. Ughhhh i wish these things would go away for good!

Comment by Wendy on August 24, 2011 at 10:29am
I have spoken to Green house people pest control people, they have never seen anything like it, and there is nothing out there that will get rid of them excpet the first frost, and that's 2 months away
Comment by J H on May 9, 2011 at 4:11pm
THank you SO much for all of that information..I do feel like I am going crazy sometimes. I took my car to be looked at and the guys weren't sure what I was talking about they had never heard of stink bugs in cars and one even said "its no big deal they don't hurt you" , I don't care if they hurt or not they scare me beyond words..anyway the service guys said that they think there is a hole in something that covers the air filters and ventilation system under the hood . I am not sure of the correct terminology they said they would have to order a part to cover it. I don't trust that that is the issue but I am going along with it as I will try anything.
I did not know that there were sprays that actually worked so I will check that out. I am lucky (knock on wood) compared to other people that I have read about on here and other sites. My house isn't too bad...I would like to say there are none but I have found 2 inside so far and I fear that this is only the beginning. Thank you so much for all your help though. I have even talked to a therapist about this and he didn't really shed any light on it. Just asked me why I was afraid and assured me that they don't hurt you. No one understands that it's not about them hurting me, I could care less about that. They just simply make my skin crawl beyond belief. But now that you have told me that they can in fact hurt you , that is something that I can go back and tell everyone. If they were to burn you what would the burn look like? As in the size and whatnot...I can look it up on here..again thank you so much for your understanding and all the info..
Comment by JC on May 7, 2011 at 6:22pm

Hi JH.....very sorry to hear about your plight........if you read the two major areas of this forum you will see how to deal with stink bugs in your vehicle.  Unfortunately, they move into the house and/or car in September/October.  The good news is they will be moving out for the summer any day now. I don't want to make you feel more uncomfortable,but I do want to help you by making you informed about their habits.   If you check pictures and videos in this site you will find that the rotten stinkies move into vehicles in strange places.  You may not have a major infestation if you haven't been seeing them all winter when you had the heat on in your vehicle.  The best thing I can recommend for now is that you keep your air/conditioning cranked up when you are driving until they move out for the summer.  Do an inpspection before you get inside to drive anywhere.  Please don't spray Raid or any other insecticide inside the vehicle while you are driving as it may cause bad side effects for you.  Stink bugs will die when dropped in a container with 2/3 - 3/4 water and the 1/4 - 1/3 Dawn dishwashing liquid.  Fill a container partially full with this mix and a lid you can easily remove/replace.  Please pull over to the side of the road when dealing with stink bugs.  Many of us feel the same way that you do about sbs.  By the way, they can pierce you with their proboscus the same way they do to fruit.  They stuff that they spray can cause burns to the skin and they will spray at will.  Here is a video to show your family so they can see how bad it can get (not meant to upset you even further).  Some folks do spray their vehicles around the doors, maybe under the trunk lid.  Please read the blogs to see what is recommended.

Here is a link that someone sent in:   Please know that you are not alone in your aversion to stink bugs.  It has become  a quality of life, mental health issue for many people.  They are more than a nuisance.  They are destroying crops, they are aggressive and have spread to over 40 states. Scientists are hoping to release a parasitic wasp (smaller than a fruit fly) in a few years and that may knock back the population significantly.  There are products that work to control the stink bug.  Many of us have been stink bug free for several years.  Stink bugs will always swarm in the fall of the year, but will die after walking over a treated surface.  There are many good ideas on this forum for the control of the stinkbug.  You may want to have someone remove your door panels (if that is feasible) because many may be hiding in there and could be removed.  This picture shows stink bugs that were removed from inside the door panels of a truck.  Truck Door Stink Bugs  Stink bugs have been reported in food, ears, noses, coffee pots, water bottles, on tooth brushes, in tissue boxes, behind pictures, in drapes, etc.  and have recently been damaging wine production.  They invade homes by living in walls, attics, vents, and they love window a/cs.   Please read this blog thoroughly and you can write to me at for any specific questions.  Best of luck to you.

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