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Giving it a try

Just bought my sprayer (1 gallon), Essential Oils (Peppermint, Lemon and Clove), witch hazel and some Dove liquid soap. 

Tomorrow I will be spraying the entire house (in and out) at all openings and perimeter of rooms.  Hopefully this will DETER the little boogers from visiting my home (and the Lady Bugs too).

Will keep you posted ......

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 I've been reading up on an insecticide called ONSLAUGHT. Apparently it kills over 200 types of insects including our little "stinky friends". What I like most about this product is that it lasts up to year.WOW. Imagine being able to spray only once a year? Since I am totally neurotic about any type of insect in my home, I would spray every six months to be sure. I have not ordered this product yet, but am about to. As of now, I use Talstar P ( 30 day residual ) and Suspend Polyzone ( 90 day…


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Alternative to Talstar Pro and Suspend Polyzone

 You can use Ortho Home Defense against stink bugs. It lists it on the label. It's around $15.00 for a 1.33 gallon jug. But compare that to  Talspar P which is under $40.00 for a quart (32 oz) and you get 32 gallons from it, anything else is expensive.

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Pringles to the Rescue! Trap stink bugs Easily and Cleanly without touching!

I've read through the Blog and decided to add my 2 stink bug's worth.

My family has dealt with these disgusting bugs for 3-4 years now. During that time I've tried just about everything written in this blog regarding catching (and disposing) once inside your home. After all, any self respecting husband-father-grandfather who hears "STINKBUG-EWWWW" must come to the rescue and quickly.

Pringles Potato Chips are sold in cardboard cylinders in various sizes. Most are between 8"…


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Stink Bug Cousin?????

Has anyone heard of these new types of Japanese beetles, they look a little like stink bugs. They are a little longer, thinner, darker in color and have much longer antennas. I think I saw something on the news about them early spring. They are dangerous to TREES.

I thought I noticed 1 or 2 in my yard awhile ago and didn't worry about it...But now have recently noticed 1 of my stronger oak trees is dyeing. The branches are losing their leaves and becoming brittle. The tree is 1/2 dead…


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They bite or sting

I was unaware that they could bite or sting until it happened to me as I was sleeping. I rolled over onto it and it either bit or stung my on my lower jaw. I suddenly felt this pain like I was being stung by a bee and then I smelled the odor and that is when I knew what had hurt me. My jaw swelled up and had pain on my jaw for a couple of days after. I still have a darken area in the shape of the shell of the bug on my jaw. This happened a couple months ago. I googled it and a lot of people…


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Bug stuff in your drinks

I hate to share my drink with bugs, it seams everyplace there is more and more bugs, flies and dirt. The only thing that really helps to keep my drinks free from all this mess is a drink protector called the bug not. It works on the boat, my back porch, in the wood shop and at my desk.I got mine at

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How I got rid of my Stink Bugs

I lived on the edge of a forest in New Jersey for 25 years.  I had, close to 100 or 200 stink bugs a season come in -  how I don't know....  However, I have used a product called mycrittercatcher - which is Catch & Release....  Not once did one release any stink - and of course it did not kill them...  I also used it to evict ants, wasps, and multiple large spiders....  

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Another method to kill stink bugs

I fill a spray bottle up 70% ammonia and the rest water ,,,put the bottle in stream and spray them 5 to 6 times and they die within 1 min ..this is the first year in ohio we have had them and I decided since I'm afraid of bugs and they creep me out I'd try it and it worked and I've been using it for 2 months ..

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Last winter was the first time I noticed stink bugs in my house.

I would just catch them and throw them back outside. If I knew then what I know now, I would have been flushing them or something.

The following spring I started a vegetable garden and discovered that bmsb's love tomatoes and peppers. I tried organic pest control methods. I actually think I heard them laughing at me. So I used the old go-to Sevin dust. Still no good I think it actually helped them by getting rid of their… Continue

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3 Reasons Why Stink Bug Control Can Be A Daunting Challenge

Stink bug control can be a daunting challenge. Here are 3 reasons why:

1) Stink bugs are not native to North American continent, but are indigenous to southeastern Asia. The mere fact that they have been transplanted to North America in just the past 2 decades, after thousands of years of relative localization, lends us to require a careful study, with great scrutiny as to their…


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Mission Impossible

Killing stink bugs may seem like mission impossible.

It's not that it's not easy to kill them. After all, they can be squashed just like any other bug.

But the problem when it comes to killing stink bugs has…


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The Real Reason Why Squashing Stink Bugs Is Just a Plain Dumb Idea

Squashing stink bugs is plainly and simply just a really dumb idea. If you haven't already figured out why, let me let you in on a little secret.

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Stink Bug Prevention: How Effective Is Power Washing Your Home?

One of the most often overlooked preventative measures to stave off stink bug infestations of your home is to routinely give it a good exterior power wash. Just how effective is power washing as a means of…


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How To Kill Stink Bugs - Keeping Them Out Of Your House

Millions of homes each year play host to stink bug invasions.

Most of us never even notice them outdoors or have never seen them before, until they decided to invade our homes.

So just how can we safeguard our homes against an invasion of these vexing…


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Thwarting Stink Bug Kamikaze Attacks

What is the difference between a kamikaze warrior and a stink bug?

Both will swoop down out of the sky to impact an object on the ground, but the only difference is that whereas the kamikaze warrior is willing to die, we wish stink bugs would die.

What is with stink bugs and that annoying, eerie manner with which they have to make an…


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How To Kill Stink Bugs With Dish Soap

Don't waste your money on expensive bug sprays and repellents, when all you need is a little good old fashioned dish soap! Who would have thought that you could kill stink bugs with something as seemingly innocuous as dish washing detergent! But it is true. It wasn’t exactly discovered in a laboratory. It was not as if some entomologist was running clinical trials with stink bugs in some…


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How To Kill Stink Bugs In Homes That Have Window Air Conditioner Units

If you've got air conditioner units installed in the window sills of the rooms in your home, then you might be particularly vulnerable to a stink bug invasion. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to protect your home in this particular situation. Just because you have window air conditioner units doesn't mean you should have to put with a…


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Employing a “Scorched Earth Policy” In The War Against Stink Bugs

If you have ever seen the movie "The Matrix", then (spoiler alert) you know that mankind's only hope to win the war against the machines was to scorch the sky and blot out the sun. Only problem with this is that not only was it hoped that this would kill the machines by depriving them of solar energy, but it had the side effect of also destroying the earth for the humans in the process. (Never mind the fact that this strategy didn't work too well for the humans... but then again we…


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Stink Bugs: Let Them Eat Caulk!

Every homeowner who has a stink bug infestation problem in their home needs to learn to become handy with a caulking gun, because you're going to need to use it as your first line of defense in protecting and sealing off your home against these unwelcome visitors.

Learn what a…


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End stink bug infestation in your house. Learn how to control, kill, and get rid of brown marmorated stink bugs.

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