One of our members emailed me this photo of a trap they made for their attic. Here's the description:

"We have been clobbered by them particularly last fall. They must come in through the ridge vents on our house and are hiding in every conceivable place. Now that they are trying to leave we found a partial solution. We have a walkup unfinished attic that seems to have hundreds of them trying to get out. There are two windows which always has several of the buggers trying to get out. I covered the windows with black plastic garbage bags and hung a single light bulb from the ridgeline of the attic. On the floor I placed a large clear storage plastic box without the cover on the floor with about 3 inches of soapy water. The light bulb hangs just above the water surface. So, all the bugs are attracted to the light bulb. In their quest of trying to find light and escape they bump into the insides of the box or the light bulb and fall into the water. For each of the past two or three days I find upwards of 60-90 bugs dead in the water and maybe another 2 dozen on the outside of the box or on the floor next to the box which are picked up and tossed into the water. It is better than nothing."

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