This is a tough one. Cars, by design, have tons of little panels and cracks, a favorite place for brown marmorated stink bugs to hide.

Please share ANY tactics you've tried to keep stink bugs out of your car or remove them once they're there! In order to post your own comments, you'll have to sign up to become a member. It's free!

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Stink Bugs will get in car doors, vents, motors, paneling and insulation.


Jump to the 2-minute point of this video to see hundreds in the door seal:

I'd die!!!!!!

Last year, late spring, I ended up getting gas and being surprised by the pump shutting off after a few gallon. It looked like it was overfilling.


Turned out the vent tube from the tank to the filler was plugged by stinkbugs!

I had a few stinkbugs plugging up the vent return line coming back from the gas tank to the filler.


Thinking I was almost empty, it started overflowing after two gallons or so.

I keep a small jar half full of rubbing alcohol in the car and use it to trap stink bugs in.  I don't want to squish them and endure the smell so this is a good alternative.


OMG, I thought I had a lot of them but I'm talking about one or two at a time, nothing like those in that video above.


I drive a black SUV and have had HORRIBLE CRAZY amounts of Stink Bugs in the crevices and cracks of my car door.  Are SB's attracted to one specific color over another?  I'm a petrified of these things and can see them in my sleep some nights.  I had to take my car to get detailed last night after work b/c I couldn't take it any more.  Any and all tips on keeping them out of my car cracks would be GREATLY appreciated

I was dealing with a similar problem of stinkbugs in my car and I used pinnacle pest exterminator to get rid of them. To be honesty this measure were great, to completely eradicate stinkbugs from my car and I will suggest you the same.

That is just gross! I have them around my house and in it but nothing like this,yuck!  I found a very large adult on an exterior screen and later see a ring of eggs where it had been. What can I use to kill them in the garden?  I saw this last year too and I really battled them heavier but don't know if even a exterminator can take care of them.  Seems like they are horrible in the FR north eastern states.  I just use the pick and squish method but I think they are a bigger problem in my garden.  Do they drown like a slug?  I bought a hot shot for flying insects that is harmless to animals and strong (lemongrass and citron) but I'm not sure it would be practical.  I just want them gone like everyone else.

they got in my vents two years ago and i still can't get the damn smell out of my car ... 

they showed up en mass yesterday here in asheville, nc ... 


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