You may not be a chemical engineer or entomologist, but if you're like most of us, you've spent nights awake thinking about creative ways to rid your home of these pests.

This forum is for sharing ideas about how the stink bug problem could be solved. You don't need to back up your idea with mechanics or data, just a good hypothesis. Maybe your idea will trigger someone else's idea, and help lead to a real solution!

You can start with, "Wouldn't it be great if..." or, "You know what might work?"

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is smoking them out..

smoke has quite a strange affect on insects.....they just don't like it...well these guys HATE it...

I used a handful of incense...tried three different kinds and it worked...they all flew to the windows trying to of course I obliged them and out they all went...

Been free for a week!!!!

OK , this is only a fragment of an idea. You know how your car traps heat when it's parked and all the windows are closed? Sun beats in through the glass, and the heat stays in there. Well, we know stink bugs look for warm places to overwinter. Could there be some kind of trap made that is glass, and the stink bugs are attracted to the heat of it, but then get trapped in there somehow?

good idear ill go and make a model tomorrow and will post it and will put it at my neighbours as there coverd lol i use all my neighbours  to  figure stuff out. 

One possible method to prevent stink bugs and other pests is to contact an energy/weatherization company and have them seal the bypasses of your home.  While the intended purpose of this process is to conserve heat and energy on the inside of a home, the method used is also very effective in keeping unwanted insects from getting inside.


Not only will this be a preventative measure against stinkbugs but it could also help residents save money on their electricity bills throughout the year.


For more information contact Mitch Mitchell with Greenstone Solutions 

at (804) 200-6519”

The best way to keep these critters from invading your home and making life miserable is to properly seal your home with weatherization experts!  The great part is, although this service will cost you a few dollars initially, having your basement/crawl, attic, windows, doors, oulets, keyholes etc. properly sealed will pay for itself in just a few years by reducing your electric bills! Win/Win! 

visit for more info...

That's great advice ! What is the approximate cost to do a home in the 1800-2800 SF range ?

Thats a wide range and every house is different but for estimating purposes 5k-6k for a 2,000 sf home. Typically the energy savings will be in the 25%-30% range monthly so if you save $100/$200 month it could pay for itself in less than 3 years.

Thanks Mitch....I wonder if you would be interested in sharing you knowledge on this subject on my site ? I believe you are in VA ??? but maybe we can talk by phone, I know there are folks that can use this service and information...let me know (
Absolutely, I have crews ready to help from North Carolina to Maine!

I have not been able to seal my house completely, so the last fall I  used HOT SHOT foggers in the attic when I see a lot of  sb's moving inside and in the early spring when they want to return outside.    It seems I have slowed them down and have had 100's of dead ones in my attic.  I do not have the numbers of sb's I had before trying this and I know my neighbor's still have large numbers of those little shits.  Getting ready to bomb again and will see how it goes for the second year.   As Jake Rawl says "Kill them all" in Mt Aetna , western Maryland.


Good news maybe. Went looking for this on the internet after catching part of it on NPR; found Bartlett's Press Release.  Congressman Roscoe Bartlett today announced a federal grant of $5,739,966 to limit damage from the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB). Congressman Bartlett said, “The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug poses one of the greatest threats to agriculture. Chemical solutions are just temporary fixes. It is imperative that we find a non-chemical solution so that more successful and less expensive integrated pest management controls can be reestablished in our area. Hopefully, this $5,739,966 grant will lead to development of permanent controls before BMSB populations become established in other parts of the country.”

You can find the full press release at: a href=">" target="_blank">;

Dear fellow stink bug haters,

When I first started this website, I hoped that this forum, "Help Brainstorm Stink Bug Solutions," would become a centerpiece of the site. There have been some great ideas shared here, and I'd like to share some thoughts of my own. I present this rough sketch of a stink bug trap to this community not as an end-all, perfect solution, but to throw some new ideas out there for other people to add on to and test. 

The leached corrugated pipe I reference below is used for drainage and looks like this:

The PVC pipe full of soapy water could look something like this (this is a part from another stink bug trap I tested with limited success):

What I really like about this trap idea is that it takes up a small footprint, so you can set up a few of them around your yard or garden. 

All ideas, comments, and critique are welcome! Anybody want to try this out?


End stink bug infestation in your house. Learn how to control, kill, and get rid of brown marmorated stink bugs.

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