You may not be a chemical engineer or entomologist, but if you're like most of us, you've spent nights awake thinking about creative ways to rid your home of these pests.

This forum is for sharing ideas about how the stink bug problem could be solved. You don't need to back up your idea with mechanics or data, just a good hypothesis. Maybe your idea will trigger someone else's idea, and help lead to a real solution!

You can start with, "Wouldn't it be great if..." or, "You know what might work?"

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Its funny to see your post about the light and if it attracts the stink bugs or not.... About a month ago  I was outside welding my tomato cages back together and kept getting dive-bombed by a few bugs..... From the smell i knew one was a stink bug! And i guess the UV rays produced from the arc of my MIG welder are something they and other flying insects are attracted to. I also saw several Bumble bees come flying in toward the arc like they were magnetically attracted.... weird, but its true and it happened yesterday afternoon, a bumble bee swooped down toward the welding arc and landed on my black shirt, and i had to remove it with my glove.

The light trap will work, try it if you havent in the last year since your post... good luck.

Someone sent this to me and it looked interesting... a stink bug trap. I'm working on some of my own trap ideas, and I'm really glad to see other people are too. Don't know if it works, but for the sake of brainstorming, I wanted to share.

I was just looking online to see if anyone has come up with a trap or another solution to handle these buggers and it occured to me that if they are the natural predator of the Asian beetle (yellow lady bug) then why wouldn't they be attracted to the traps on the market for those?  The traps generally have a pheromone that attracts others of their kind but I wonder if the stink bugs would follow the scent hoping for a quick meal???  Anyone have any success with anything like that?
Finally there seems to be a little more media in our area to the problem. Thought I'd share this site. It's the local tv station in my area. Baltimore, Md. Looks like it's a very real possilbity hope it's the right choice for us.
kinda scary I just read about the asian wasp and they also kill honeybees?....may not be a solution for introducing them to get rid of the stinkbugs after all? :-(

Here is another article I found about the Asian Wasp. They are tiny and not suppose to sting.

@sharon I would be interested in what you read about them attacking Honeybees. I was playing around with the idea of having a Honeybee hive.

drop them into a bucket of soapy water when you empty the vacume canister (shop vac) works !!!!!

Thanks profarons,

I tried an infra red light this past winter with no luck. I don't think it was bright enough or warm enough. I am thinking of putting a zapper in the attic. Here's another website that may come in helpful. Let me know if it helps.



Hi everyone, 


One of our members emailed me this photo of a trap they made for their attic. Here's the description:


"We have been clobbered by them particularly last fall.  They must come in through the ridge vents on our house and are hiding in every conceivable place.  Now that they are trying to leave we found a partial solution.  We have a walkup unfinished attic that seems to have hundreds of them trying to get out. There are two windows which always has several of the buggers trying to get out.  I covered the windows with black plastic garbage bags and hung a single light bulb from the ridgeline of the attic. On the floor I placed a large clear storage plastic box without the cover on the floor with about 3 inches of soapy water.  The light bulb hangs just above the water surface.  So, all the bugs are attracted to the light bulb.  In their quest of trying to find light and escape they bump into the insides of the box or the light bulb and fall into the water.  For each of the past two or three days I find upwards of 60-90 bugs dead in the water and maybe another 2 dozen on the outside of the box or on the floor next to the box which are picked up and tossed into the water.  It is better than nothing."


Be very careful as enough of them can build up and they could cause a fire.

Is this from the inside of the home ??? you've got a lot of !!



Wow...great's great to see the ingenuity...!!! I found that once they die they smell the water up so more of them follow...Good Stuff




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