You may not be a chemical engineer or entomologist, but if you're like most of us, you've spent nights awake thinking about creative ways to rid your home of these pests.

This forum is for sharing ideas about how the stink bug problem could be solved. You don't need to back up your idea with mechanics or data, just a good hypothesis. Maybe your idea will trigger someone else's idea, and help lead to a real solution!

You can start with, "Wouldn't it be great if..." or, "You know what might work?"

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Wow Mr. Admin,


You ROCK!!!!

Read some of these comments..I love it...I tried the light thing out on my hearth on night...They  come down my chimney bad...They went for the LED 15w vs the regular 15w incandesent..I guess because it was birghter/whiter light maybe more full spectrum..certainly last longer and burns cooler for indoor use...They also loved the old cloth tarp I had folded in the garage...they were between every fold...snug and cozy..little monsters..So maybe some fabric warmth type traps to get them around trees in the fall then pull them down in deep freeze weather and get rid of them...

hi everybody. it's been quite some time since i've posted and the reason for that is because out of sight out of mind. i just have not been seeing much of any stink bugs around here this year. a few during late spring to early summer outside is all and the current cool nights should be causing what is out there to make a bee line into the house. i don't see any. where the hell did they go? i have not sprayed at all this year just to give you a perspective and not one was seen in my house this year. if some of you may remember me from way back my house is not air tight due to ongoing work and the lack of completion of some of that said work so there's no reason they wouldn't come in if they are out there. my window a/c units are even still in the windows. what gives? did i miss something or some breakthrough?

i hope i even remember to come back to see some answers as it really is out of sight out of mind. i will eventually show back here and for any replies i ask somebody pm who replied and where i may find it. of course the reply can be in a pm, but then others don't see it too. any way you choose to reply is fine by me though as i find this very odd and it is probably a predator to them, but there are other possibilities too.

for the record, i'm near pittsburgh.

to those administering the forum,

if this and my previous post are out of place in your view then please feel free to move them. i placed them here because i thought maybe there was something else going on that was getting rid of them that i wasn't aware of.

to the forum

anyway, to update everybody, i started seeing some of them outside today, 2nd of oct, so i spoke too soon, but they are quite late in trying to make their way indoors as we've had some fairly cool nights now for several weeks already. the numbers are still low for now compared to what i've seen in the past.

i did decide that today is the day i should pull my window a/c from the back window and they already decided to invade that a/c so it's now on my porch after having hit it with my garden house to not only see if the stinkers are in there, but to also wash off the muck that accumulated over the summer. there was at least 3 or 4 of them in there with one on the outside of it. now i have to let it dry a tad and i'll shoot some insecticide in it before bringing it back in.

I just heard about this for the first time today. It's a group of researchers working to control the brown marmorated stink bug, and "uncover the pest’s secrets to find management solutions for growers, seek strategies that will protect our food, our environment, and our farms." I like how they have "stop" in the title of their site too!

i have a somethign i tried myself and it works

so when you add a bottle of the lemon juice the concentrate and you add 1/4 cup of bleach to it then add 1 spoon of pepper to it and mix it up and put it in a spray bottle and spray around ur doors they will stay away its a week but is better then the stuff they sell for alot of money and none work ( been there tried them all)

 have a other thing im working on will hit yall back on it when i get that figured out 

I have tried dawn dishwashing liquid with water in a spray bottle.  It works

I have found something that works great for the outside of the home. I use Premium insect repellant called permethrin for clothing and gear. you can get it here. You can also get it in the camping/hunting section at Walmart. The great thing about it though is it doesn't seem to completely repel them, but it KILLS the little buggers. I find at least 5 a day on my front porch dead. Belly up. Very satisfying. Once they crawl over it. it is over for them in a matter of time. They don't drop dead right away, but they will die eventually. You must try it. Sometimes, if you watch them, you will see that they have been affected by the permethrin, because they will begin cleaning their little mouths, or that long apparatus they keep tucked away. (Remember this is after this stuff has dried on the siding, it is not wet.) This also works good for other insects as well. I leave my front porch light on, and usually I have critters everywhere at night. but not anymore. All I did is spray it all around the entrance way. the bottle says it last up to 42 days, or 6 times in the wash(It is meant for clothing), but I was desperate. Important note, it is very dangerous to animals while wet. so be careful. It drys in no time though. Anyways, I have vinyl siding, so I don't know how it would work on brick or wood. I am truly amazed at this stuff. I will continue to use it forever.


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