The way to bring attention to this issue is to let the public know just how bad it is. Please share your stories with us, and hopefully we can help this problem get the attention it deserves. You're not alone!

This is also a good place to vent, complain, or commiserate about your stink bug struggles. Don't hold back!


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ARGHHH!! It's so annoying and gross, but I have to say, I'm not as freaked out as I once was. We live in a rural area of North Virginia, and it seems that the further west you get, the worse the stink bugs. Probably because we live near all the wineries and orchards.

We've always had a problem, but 2012 seemed to get better. We were fine for most of spring and all of summer, and then one fine fall day, BAM! I can't even describe the swarms. My friend from NoVa was visiting and she was freaked! She still complains about the ones that nested in her car while she was here. That night, I'd close my eyes and still see them swarming. I tried hosing them off the house; that didn't work. THEY BITE! We picked up some heavy duty insecticide, but that wasn't helpful either. Sweeping them to the ground and stomping was the only way to get a bunch, which is unfortunate, because I hear their scent attracts more.

Inside, the Dustbuster and tissue are your best bets. On warm days, I tackle the dozens in the curtains with a Dustbuster and dump them in the toilet. 9 out of 10 times, they don't spray, but even if they do, I'm used to it by now! Through the winter, I've been killing an average of 10 a day. I keep a roll of toilet paper on the counter and just grab a few squares, scoop up the bug, CRUNCH IT TO DEATH, and toss it into my tightly- lidded garbage can, or in the toilet.

The temperature is rising, so today, I killed sooo very many. I'm dreading spring . . . and that's just wrong!

Last year, I discovered stink bug nymphs all over my sharon hedge. Then, I discovered eggs under a pile of shingles under my deck. Ew!

Recently, I cleaned out the bookshelves, behind furniture, window sills, on top of furniture, etc. to clean out the "dead" ones. I use quotation marks here, because they aren't always dead, just hibernating.

Last Sunday at church, I had to brush a big one off the back of the lady in front of me. I've already emptied all the sconces and ceiling lights in the last few months, and it's about time I do it again.

My kids are always so freaked out by them! My garage smells like stinky cilantro! When will these darn beetles go away!?

Looks like you may be new to this forum. Well, you've found the right place to find information about how to deal with these critters. One of the buttons along the top bar on this page is 'BLOG'. Hit that and you will find ways to fight this plague. Mine is the first post and deals with most situations you will run into when trying to keep the bugs out. This is pretty low-tech stuff and avoids using a lot of insecticides to control them over the long haul. Once you get your house sealed up you should set up a schedule with one of the local bug guys to spray the outside of your house on a regular basis. Although, if you were diligent with sealing up the house, insecticides are not absolutely necessary.

Springtime is fast approaching and that's the time to get out there and seal up the house so they can't get back in come fall.

Best of luck. I live in NoVa as well and the bugs can get bad around here. Take the time to read the wealth of knowlege here on this fourm and blog. These bugs do not have to control your life!

I seem to have one SB at a time this winter.  I find them in my bedroom but not usually in the rest of my house.  My bedroom door is kept closed during the day to keep the room cool and conserve heat.  It's an addition to the original house, with its' own crawlspace that is not attached to the main house basement.  This past fall we found a hole in the window screen to the crawlspace and I suspect that is how the SB entered.  We can enter the crawlspace through a "trap door" in the bedroom floor.  We also have an air conditioner in the bedroom wall.  I bought Talstar P (Talstar One) to use.  Where should I spray it?

Sitting at my desk at work, felt something on my neck.  A friggin Bogey!!!  Kill them all!

Watching tv last night - one flew at my head!   First one we've seen inside in a really long time.  But one is too many in my opinion.

    I am very discouraged. Seems I am doomed to simply kill these nasty creatures by the thousands each season. I have a large two-story red cedar log home with cathedral ceilings, an extreme pitched roof, multitudes of windows throughout with an entire south two-story wall of windows, floorless air space between the roof and knotty pine ceilings and a two-story high rough rock chimney. This house sits in the middle of a forest which is surrounded by soy bean and corn fields. There is no way I can assure that every space between every log and along the fascia is completely sealed, to say nothing of the expense and the difficulty in getting anyone to work (or spray pesticides) at this height.

   As those of you with severe stinkbug problems know, the come in mid-October, stay the winter until temperatures stay in the 60s at night. It's hard to say which is worse--day time sunshine when the heat on the windows brings them out or nighttime when they are drawn the light fixtures. We have had to resign ourselves to sitting in the dark in our bedroom with the doors closed, with a light on in the loft area where we go out every half hour and vacuum them. Still, they get to us, fall into our hair or our bedding and release their terrible smell.

  We have put bug zappers by the doors leading to outside. This is very inefficient. I have sprayed pesticide on the logs I can reach outdoors. This only works for a short time. In the autumn I spend as much time vacuuming them outside as in. I vacuum all day and all night. They are endless. They get on every surface. THOUSANDS of them during a season. So many and so many places to hide, I don't see how professional spraying could possibly do the job without saturating the house completely top to bottom, inside and out. Frankly, I would worry about my pets and grandchildren and myself residing in a log home soaked with poison. Can't keep chickens. Dogs, coyotes, foxes would do gobble them in no time. Add to that I also get THOUSANDS of Asian Lady Beetles at the same time. This dual invasion is why I wish I could simply move away, which I can't. Besides, who would purchase a house with such a problem? I sometimes fantasize about setting the place on fire! Of course, I would never do that but you can see how absolutely frustrated, powerless (and tired) I am.

I'm very sorry to hear about your situation.

 I am sorry to say the only way to reduce your stinkbug population is to power spray the exterior of your home by early September with a proven spray.  It is not necessary to saturate the house, just to quickly cover each area.  You might want to try Suspend Polyzone or Demand CS.  Both can be purchased online.  It will be helpful to first spray your home in early April.  It would be more effective to spray quarterly for the first year.  I have seen no adverse results to spraying, and we have many birds, wildlife, pets and people around.  The only thing you need to do is keep pets off any surface until the spray is dry (1/2 hour or so). The sprays I mentioned are for exterior use only.   I hope that when you're vacuuming them up you are disposing of them in a way that kills them.  Drop them in a bucket half full of water that also contains a cup of Dawn dishwashing liquid. 

You will see a difference if you treat your home.  The last time I saw a stinkbug was in the fall after the spraying.  The first year I saw them it was a very different story.  You can be stink bug free.

Okay... I'm definitely having an issue in my family's house. We are getting 5-10 stinkbugs DAILY this past week or so. It's really getting out of hand. I've been reading through the forums for weeks trying to find a solution. We've sprayed soap/water mix outside and along all of the windows in our house, but the bugs keep coming. We've isolated the two main problem areas. My mom's two windows face the backside of the house and have no shutters outside of them, and my window is on the side of the house, also no shutters. I'm not sure where these little stinkers are hiding.

In weeks past, we've been capturing them and flinging them outside. Then realized they're just going to come back in. So we've been capturing them and flipping them into a soap/water mix and killing them. But they're not letting up. Today, one flew and landed on my pillow on my bed... Not cool, I'm officially angry.

Please help! I live in Syracuse, NY. I asked my neighbors if they've got them, and only one had them at the beginning of the winter but not now. It's been 70-80 degrees here this past week and the bugs are loving my house. Help! Thanks!!

Carly, any chance they were hiding in the house and are now making their way out of their hiding and hibernation spots around the house and trying to get outdoors for the summer? As stinkbugs only eat and breed outdoors and after a long hibernation, they will want to be eating and breeding outside.  

We saw a bunch come out of their hiding spots a few weeks ago and they were headed towards the windows trying to get out..but we killed them before they get out. 

From everything I have read about stinkbug cycles, they are coming out of their hiding spots, some of those hiding spots are inside the home and they are making their way outdoors. But they move so slowly, that is often hard to tell.  

But they have to get outdoors and eat and breed,so kill as many as you can, so they will not go outdoors and breed and breed and return in the Fall. 

YO JC!!!

Turdleman here.

Whats happenin in stinkerbug land.  Anymore siteings?

Is this one a stinker? Maybe it was painted by those crazy green bay pakker fans?



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