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It is supposed to be warmer for a few days but it will not last.  When we have these warmer days in the winter, we seldom see stinkbug activity in the middle of the winter outside. Some of us have been fightiing this battle and studying all about these creatures for several years now.  Now and again, even though we have done much much better with exclusion, we will see one that got indoors..just last week, we found one hiding away..and killed it. 

  All the stinkbugs you are seeing inside now are coming out from where they were hiding and hibernating because the heat is turned on. I would be shocked if we see a lot of stinkbug activity outdoors during these warm days. Come spring, when the weather is consistently warmer, you will see stinkbugs emerge from hiding but they will be trying to get outside , not inside. They like to be outdoors for the late Spring into the Summer to eat and mate.  Try to kill as many as you can indoors so they do not get outdoors again the Spring and produce more stinkbugs.  As an exterminator told me, the more we kill, the better.

The stinkbugs you have inside may try to get outside thinking it is Spring..that is the good news from now until late Auigust. They will want to be outside when it warms up as for them, they will think they are emerging from winter hibernation and time to get outside and eat and mate and have a good time in the trees, woods, brush outside. 

Yes, I have had them for years. I know
Their habits lol. I do nit like killing them
But I do. I get upset when people save them
And let them outside also. :( only keeps the
Cycle going.. ;(

My Stinkbug Group.


Someone please joun my damn group. It is fun
I promise..,

ill join yer group JB!


Anyone seen my friend the Chief?


If you push em outside this week, won't they frieze when it gets colder?

According to several websites about them, it says the stinkbugs find a place to hide from the cold outdoors, around shutters, under siding, under brush and survive.   So that is why so many recommend killing them rather than releasing them into the cold as some manage to survive. 

Turdlehead, blah. They are gonna have to commit me!
Wintertime is supposed to be for resting w no bugs. I'll
Likely die of sleep deprivation and there is no one
To blame but China...and we can't sue a country.., LOL
Not a happy day here MD

A very interesting article in the Washington Post.


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