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Here in Lynchburg, VA, we've seen a population explosion in the last three years. This year in late September, I'd conservatively estimated a thousand or more brown marmorated stink bugs on the sides of my house for a week or two (at any given time). Nothing you can do keeps them out - there are too many, and they are too good at sneaking in through cracks. I routinely kill 15-20 per day, every day through the winter. During the summer, they make a horrible mess of my peach trees, by wrecking the fruit.

They will also spread like wildfire. When they are swarming, it is common to see 20-30 at a time, wedged underneath the weatherstripping in my car. They squeeze in through the cracks of the doors, then wedge themselves in there. Worse, they will make their way into the A/C system of the car. When I turn on the car heater during fall, I get this horrific blast of stink bug smell.

They are a complete and utter nightmare, and are ruining the quality of life in this area....
I already tried hosing my house down with Demand CS. Killed a lot of stinkbugs around my windows and doors, but with the flood of stinkbugs, it was just a drop in the bucket. I'm currently killed 40-50 per day inside, since it has warmed up outside.

I did purchase a couple of guinea fowl, which I'm hoping do to stinkbugs what they do to ticks...
I am originally from Philadelphia, PA.. I moved to Mullica Hill, NJ about 5 years ago. In the past two years the stink bug has become the most annoying and overpopulated bug... At least at my house anyway.. I have friends who live in the dame city and have not even one. I have 1000's.

This September has been by far the worst ever. We have a contract with termiguard extermination. They have been here twice in the past week. The spray kills them but then more are back in the very same spot. As you mentioned about them being outside.. Same problem here... Also they have double populated this year and my house has over fifty of them that I can see on the inside. Having cathedral ceilings doesn't help because I can't reach them and they hide in the wooden beams. I feel as though no one is taking this matter seriously... It's going to become a major problem as it already had in China and Japan... I'm going crazy right now and there is no more that can be done at this point in terms of extermination!!
Anyone know how long it takes stinkbugs to recharge their stench after they release it?
Yes...they (12 or so) were huddled all inside the lip of the screen that is above the A/C in the girls room trying to get in...I wanted to slide the screen - but couldn't for fear of the A/C falling out of the window so I'll have to be on SB patrol and kill them one by one as they make their way into the house. Yep - fall is here - definite sign of spring & fall at our house are the dreaded SB. I just keep thinking it could be worse - we could live where they have scorpions and snakes!
Showtime it is...we had about ten in random locations outside the home yesterday. They're still a tad drowsy but several days of 60s and 70s should get them back in their prime. **shakes head ruefully**

So the bottles of Dawn and water are loaded, we plan to bomb the attic tomorrow to try a kill off the late sleepers and hoping the rest of the weekend is not spent with an indoor invasion and killing spree.

Good luck everyone!
I have not seen one live bug in my house since I bombed their smelly asses last week.
But there are still hundreds of dead tits up bodies in my attic waiting to be sucked up.
I won a small battle, but this only the start of a bigger than us problem.

Its discusting.. I am so sick of them. I thought the lady bugs were bad..this takes the cake..Need some DDT... or something nucular....they are everywhere.. clothes, blankets in my closet.. took off the horse blankets and they were under the blankets keeping warm on my house and barn smell so gross.. and the worst thing is .. when people come over to visit from the city they are so grossed out cause they dont have them like we do on the mountain..they rival the cock roach... HELP.. I cant stand it.. I woke up to one crawling in my mouth while I was sleeping last nite.. now I am going out to find a net to cover my bed at nite...
Laur....I have prepared a comprehensive document detailing how to control and eliminate stink bugs from the home. A number of people from another forum have shared ideas and, together, have found a successful means of control..If you would like a copy of this document, please send me an email request at JC
Last Saturday my husband picked up his cup of coffee and took a sip only to have a dead stink bug in his mouth (I guess he is lucky it wasn't alive) and promptly spit it out!! Hilarious yet so gross! My daughter also was eating popcorn and felt a hard crunch (yes you guessed it) stink bug with butter!! One thing I have noticed about these bugs is that when they start buzzing and flying around in circles (as my kids say "INCOMING"!!) they are usually on their way out - and usually end up falling to the floor dead - oh I hate them!
I went to church last Sunday. The pastor's said that the Easter candle seemed to be burning brighter than usual. After the service, he got a step ladder to investigate. Yep, a ball of burned up stink bugs.

I think we got the answer. Light candles and burn the turds up!!! I would recommend Spring Blossom by Yankee Candle, one of my favrites.


I'm PA also, and so far have seen none in the house like last year.  Saw one on the sidewalk at CVS...must have

been getting is script.  Hopefully the Fall treatment worked and there are none to leave.

Now I hope I didn't jinx myself.




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