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Spraying the screens is a great suggestion. Thanks, JC.
Wont the spray wash off in the rain??
Demand CS is microencapsulated and lasts for 3 months in all kinds of weather. The results are outstanding = no stinkbugs. Also, no staining or odor.
PS I have no financial interest in the product - I was just blessed to have found an exterminator who knows what he is doing. I was skeptical at first, but this product works!
Yes JC - great idea! We were cleaning windows this spring, my little on & I and she accidentally kicked out the screen and all this dried straw & dust with these mummified stink buggies were in the screen sides (ewwww) so we got sticks and flicked everyone of those little hardshelled no gooders out of the window casings and sprayed around too. Yesterday was the first we have seen them all year - but now they are trying to come into the house again - I just ball them up in toilet paper and flush them down the toilet...they are SOOOO GROSSSS! Yucko!
Hello JSC, I was going to ask the same question of our friends in West Virginia where the plague seems to be the worst.....unfortunately, folks tend to ignore the blog for reporting when they are not being plagued by the stink this time of the year the sbs have gone 'inside out'.......they have moved outside for the summer for eating and breeding........I am happily amazed to report I have seen zero adults or babies outside (dead or alive)......I am beyond hopeful that the heat is doing them in..........we should know in the next 6 to 8 weeks when they begin their 'outside in' migration........have you and TM done any spraying and caulking or are you relying on your 'rubber band eradication method'........
Hi JC,
I guess everybody is over here now as there's no activity on the other forum. I was wondering if any of you guys have been seeing the little buggers as of yet for I haven't seen any of the BMSB variety. I have seen their American counterparts that are all green though. I certainly hope that the heat got to them and I hope there's some natural predators that have also gone after them. I saw my neighbor's peach tree and the peaches are there unlike last year at this time as the SBs destroyed all of their peaches back then.

I went up into my attic for the first time in years (remember I had it sealed and am still slowly remodeling) and I can say that I saw quite a few dead SBs there. I am thinking of taking the plunge and buy the Demand CS. Ironic isn't it that I was one of the ones that found out what the professionals were using and passed it along to everybody else on the other forum and yet I don't have some? I've also been thinking of the IGR, but I'm not too sure how much of that I should get or if it's effective on the SBs. SBs weren't all that was up there in my attic as I saw dead bees there too. I think I know how they are all getting in, but it'll have to wait for a bit before I can seal that entryway for them off. Anyway, what have you guys come up with in reputable suppliers for the Demand CS, and note that I won't pay what Dominion wants for it?
Hi Neil,
I was hoping we would hear from you. Niki and JT have recently reported seeing zero stink bugs as well.......except for seeing large numbers in the evening at well lit places like Target, etc. I'm thinking the Demand CS is keeping them away from areas that are treated quarterly (also the product that you were using) Maybe now they are marking our homes as "keep away - death to stinkbugs zone" You know how clever they seem to be - I swear it looks like they are staring right at you. I sometimes think they were genetically engineered in a lab somewhere :)
I also was thinking the same thing that you are: the heat and maybe a natural predator have targeted them. Whatever it is, it is awesome. I have seen zero dead adults or early instars. To me that means they aren't even hanging around. I will be having my next spraying the first week in September. Anyone reading this, please remember to remove your window a/cs, if you have them, by the first week in September. In the fall and winter, window a/cs become stink bug motels and they are happy to visit the inside of your home all winter from these winter lodgings. My son lives nextdoor and he was invested with them. I have Dominion spray their house when they spray mine and now they are also stinkbug free. I am hoping the fall swarm will be minimal or non-existant. I am also ready for that - I have stocked up on several cans of Raid Yard guard. Don't know if that will take them down, but if they swarm, I am going to try it. At least I know they won't make it into the house. By the way, I have also thought it might be a good idea to remove the screens before spraylng the house and that way the screens will also be treated. Wouldn't hurt to flip them over and do both sides. The best price I have found for Demand CS is at It seems expensive but since it is to be diluted with water, it should work for quite a few sprayings and there are no shipping charges. Please let us know if you find it for less somewhere else. I am also happy to report that we are not smelling stinkies when we mow close to the evergreen trees. Can anyone else out there report how things are in your location?
In rural Loudoun County, VA it's been nice and quiet since end of May. Unfortunately I have started to see a few of the stinkers on my front porch, garage and a couple of windows. When I harvest in the garden I take a can of dish liquid/water and drop in the few that I've seen. I guess I was lulled into a false sense of stink bug free security! I'm just hoping it won't be as bad as last year - we couldn't even sit outside in the fall. Here we go again!
Hello Lane, Thanks for letting us know how things are in your area. Glad to hear you had several months of peace - sorry the beasties are now popping up around your home. Best of luck to you and all stink bug warriors.

Neil - I forgot to mention that at a product is available that can be sprayed on the house via a hose connection. There is an attachment that mixes the product with the water from the hose. If I remember correctly, you have a two story house. This might make it easier to reach those high areas. I think this product also has a residual effect. I think it may be less expensive than Demand CS but I don't know if it works as well.
Best of luck to you -
I'm getting ready to order Demand CS but I'm not sure what strength to use whe mixing. Can anyone help?
Also, we have many recessed lights in our home and during the winter/spring we see the bugs coming into the house throught them. Anyone have a fix for this?
Hello Lane, I have a 'back-up' bottle at home and the directions are on the doesn't list stinkbugs (as they are a recent plague) but from what I have read, you can use the same mix as with boxelder bugs (6 ml or 2 fluid ounces, with each gallon of water mixed in the sprayer). This is the product that my exterminator uses for us and I have not seen one stink bug for over a year (with quarterly sprayings). One thing I feel I should mention is that you may read that Cyonara is the generic version of Demand CS and is cheaper. The problem with Cyonara is that it does not provide a residual effect and does not hold up in the weather and sun. This means you would have to apply frequentlly. I recommend sticking with the Demand CS which lasts for three months.
I also had a problem with sbs coming down through the ceiling light in my bedroom. I caulked around the light - not sure if would be problematic with your lights as my son the electrician says they should be able to breathe. You may be able to place some sort of fine screening on the hidden side of the lights (the same with exhaust vents, etc.) They also entered from behind the window casing and by way of the small attic entrance in one of the closets. All have been caulked. I have done mega caulking throughout our home and also hired a professional caulker to caulk outside and inside. It was a big job but is a once and done thing. If there is something that cannot be permanently caulked, you can use painters tape as a temporary fix. Also doesn't hurt to place childproof caps in unused electrical outlets.
Apply Delta dust in the attic space or set off a Hot Shot fogger in the attic several times in the fall, just for good measure. It will be most effective to do your spraying by the first week in September. It's hard to determine when the stinkies will swarm - in the past they have been reported to swarm as early as late August. Even after you spray, they will still swarm outside, but believe me, they will die. Don't forget to spray both sides of your screens.
I am holding my breath for this fall, as I have not even seen one sb outside this summer.

That Demand must be Good stuff!

Maybe youll need it in the fall but now, I think the hot weather killed em all!


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