The way to bring attention to this issue is to let the public know just how bad it is. Please share your stories with us, and hopefully we can help this problem get the attention it deserves. You're not alone!

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I am fairly certain that is not a Stink Bug species.

It looks like a Cotinis nitida (June Bug)

That is not a stink bug. It's a Japanese Beetle. Those were a terrible infestation a few years back, but I've been seeing quite a few of them this year too. They will destroy gardens!

I'm trying to prepare for the fall horde of stink bugs. I'm worried it's going to be worse than last year.

I'm from West Virginia and have just recently relocated to North Carolina. I had never seen a "stink bug" in my lifetime until I moved here. I live in a trailer right by a massive cornfield. My life is consumed by these bugs. Nowhere in my home is safe. They are in every room. I wake up to them every day, I go to sleep with them every night. I have contemplated sleeping in my car, as that is the only place I have not seen them. I have sealed my window units with duct tape. I have sealed off the vents in my bathrooms and my hood range. I have placed screen over my floor vents. I have replaced weather stripping. But they are still entering my home in large numbers. I don't know what else to do. I'm ready to pack up my things and have my West Virginia country roads take me the hell home. We relocated for my husbands work. I don't want to lose my family over bugs, how crazy does that sound? But who can live like this. I already have a fear of bugs. I also have thought about burning our home to the ground so that we would have no other choice but to go back. I sound irrational, I see what I am typing and I see how crazy it is. I am on the brink of a complete mental meltdown!!!!!!!!

Denise. I completely understand. I live in charleston WV and stink hugs took over my home about 5 years ago. They were everywhere - even in my car. I started spraying the entire outside of my house with Demand CS, I duct taped the edges of my doors and all the things you've done. I also discovered that the huge water maple the grows right beside the house attracts the bugs because of the loose bark. I started having a tree company spray the tree mid sept. I have been stink bug free for the last 3 years. I was ready to move and/or burn my house down. This blog saved me. Read through the blogs, ask questions and someone will answer. Don't use the light stink bug traps - you will end up attracting all the bugs in the neighborhood. Go to local feed and seed, or call exterminator that can help you. I've heard that stink bugs have entered NC - you can't be alone in your frustration. Like I mentioned above - I ordered Demand CS from and it has helped immensely. Good luck Denise.
**go to "stink bug forum" and click on "stopping stink bug what's working for you" that's where I find most of my information.

Hey JC,

Just killed one of those #$%^#@.  Check out this picture.  What the hell is coming out of his rear???  Are they mutating??


Why did I even look? Hahaha  I don't even want to know. :)

Looks like it might be the genital chamber.
It contains the ovipositor in females and claspers in males.

Hey chuck,  keep it klean=, this is a PG website.

Good to see the old gang is still fighting the good fight...KILL'EM ALL!

Roc on Jake!!


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