The way to bring attention to this issue is to let the public know just how bad it is. Please share your stories with us, and hopefully we can help this problem get the attention it deserves. You're not alone!

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OMG! I am so glad I found this site! People I can commiserate with! I basically live with a can of raid as a third appendage. I carry it with me everywhere in the house. It kills the ones I see that I can't reach. If I can reach them, I catch them in toilet paper and flush them. We have them BAD. They never go away completely, even when they are supposed to be hibernating. The best months I have with the least amount of them are july and august when they are all outside. Then they start the stampede back in. September and October I can literally kill hundreds a day. We have woken up with them in our hair, put clothes on with them in the sleeve. I shake everything before I put it on. I constantly scan the room I am in, or am walking through to kill any I see. Thus the can of Raid attached to me. I am willing to try anything to get rid of them! I am planning on new windows and sealing them this summer. I also am hoping to get central air so I can do away with the window AC units. At this point, if I could afford it, I would burn my house down and rebuild. There are a lot of good ideas here and will try the ones I can. I just read an article about making a solution of Dawn dish soap, white vinegar and water to kill them. I would think cleaning surfaces they have been on with it would help to not attract more?? Anyway, thank you to whoever started this site and everyone who posts. I read the one where the person said they were a "Buddist to bugs" until getting these and now is like Attila the Hun. I have actually said that myself!
Tough one here Amanda,

Went to put my lunch in the toaster oven and, YES, there was a burnt up stink bug in there! Glad we sent that one to Hades, but had to eat my lunch cold today.
Attila the Hun! That's how I feel too. I'm a yoga teacher, vegetarian, ahimsa/nonviolence and all that but with stink bugs... KILL KILL KILL. At first I released them outdoors until I got rashes from them spraying me... And then they got to be so many I found them in my books (squashed, ruined the book) in my clothing, in my hair, bed sheets... KILL THEM ALL. How the heck do China and Japan deal with them? The change in quality of life is staggering.... I literally moved to another state to get away from them. Not before losing $1000s of dollars worth of clothing, camping/climbing equipment, furniture, and books from the stink bug infestation.

Wow Elise!!


You really hate em.  JC.  Elise needs your help on protectin from stinkers.

Thanks, JC. I will email you for a copy of that document. About the dusting the attic, mine is more like a crawlspace, can't stand up in it and not even that great for storage. I live in a ranch with a walk out basement, in the woods, in a neighborhood that used to be an orchard, still has lots of apple and peach trees, although mostly in my neighbors yard, and has tons of honeysuckle and butterfly bushes. My yard had lots of black walnut trees, but one side is lined with honeysuckle. That is coming out this year. My problem with all the dusting and spraying is my dogs. I am afraid of poisoning them. Does anyone going through all that have animals? So far I have not come close to accidently eating one, and that might be the final straw.
We moved into a 16 year old house in Fairfax last summer, and I started finding stink bugs in September, only 10 or 12 inside during the fall, but enough to get my attention after the local news did a couple of stories on them. They started to show back up in late February/early March, primarily in the living room & master bedroom (above the living room) - both rooms in the southwest corner of the house and very warm - and in the kitchen, which is at the back of the house facing east. The bugs in the kitchen were always dead, floating in dishwater in a bowl - we use Dawn so now I know why since finding your site. :-) The others were sometimes alive, sometimes dead. I got really upset about them when one suddenly landed on the wall and buzzed around above my newborn's bassinet in the master bedroom. They seem to show up in the most southwest corner of the master bedroom by my bedtable lamp - we must have a hole over there - I want to pull up the carpet and caulk, but my husband is not enthusiastic about this project. So far, I've just vacuumed them up, and I have never smelled anything. Two that were dead in the sink went down the garbage disposal - I was really worried about turning it on, but my husband brazenly did so and no stink ensued (I have a very sensitive nose) -- the idea that the stink may be correlated to what they eat is interesting - we have no fruits or veggies around, unless black walnuts count, and there are no fields around here, as our suburb is almost in the city. The most recent BMSB I found was about 3 or 4 weeks ago in our very very cold basement - he was dead. I have been panicking about these - the exterminator we have a contract with wants $1500 to spray the house, said the spray would only last a few days because it degrades in sunlight, and suggested doing it now if I wanted. I think I will find a new exterminator. We have planted marigolds and mint in the garden and used cedar mulch, all supposed to repel bugs so we are hoping they work with BMSBs too. We are working to seal the house - the weather-stripping was basically non-existant on all our doors until a few weeks ago, and my husband said they probably came in that way, and that the house isn't infested, but I keep reading that a few in the house mean big infestation in the walls. I had an electrician in my attic last week who said he didn't see any stinkbugs, but I worry that they have just left at this point. I haven't seen anything on here about carpet beetle problems once y'all have killed all these BMSBs in your walls and attics - has anyone come across those?
This is curious. I was sitting at my computer. The room is lighted by a 150 watt halogen wall light. The kind that is open at the top of the sconce. I noticed two of these things crawling on the wall so I caught them and flushed them. Then I looked in the bottom of the light. There were twenty dead stink bugs at the bottom of the sconce. Fried to a crisp! Yep they are attracted to light and got fried for their trouble. Maybe I should leave the light on and collect the bodies in the morning?
I live in central NJ 117 off GSP. We've had stink bugs for almost 2 years and its getting worse 100's of them.
We do have some wild cherry tree's so possibly they are attracting them? From what I read on this site they like fruit trees.... They will be coming down!

I also have a large loft over our garage that I store clothing (wrapped in plastic) This spring I noticed they where full of SB, although there was 1 type of material they didnt like, I'll double check which 1 and put it on the site. They seem to love tissue paper and news paper.

I believe they started from our neighbor. They owned a $$ store and I think the bugs came from boxes of inventory they brought home and stored in thier basement. (Of course this is only a theory)

I have noticed flying SB and only crawling SB, what is the differance?

I really hope they find something soon to kill these nasty bugs.... they are so creepy and PRE-HISTORIC looking... Maybe they are and there is no way to kill them : /
Well I am very thankful I found this site, I was up till 3am reading last night.
I now have a NEW theory about how we may have gotten the SB. 3 years ago we had a pole barn built, the builder and material where located in Penn. So far (starting this fall) we have flushed appr. 25 SB found in our home. All the other 100's are in the pole-barn-garage. Before this I never heard of these nasty creatures although now that Im talking and reading about them I find more & more people who have the same problem...... Our neighbor was the one who told us the exterminator can't kill them, so I assumed they had them long before us. Im not so concerned about the garage, I will repack all my clothing Ive stored in the loft and than bomb the hell out of it. My house is what worries me, it hasnt been bad yet... maybe 25 or so... but I will be taking all the precautions listed. Including cutting down all the wild cherry trees.

So back to how grateful I am to have found this site!!!!!!!!!
After dropping my daughters at school this morning, I came home and sat outside with a HOT cup of coffee. I forgot to let my dogs out so I got up for maybe 2 min.... I sat down and got this weird feeling.... although my coffee looked and smelled perfect, I couldnt forget a story I read on this site last night. I contemplated if I should stop being paraniod and enjoy my coffee??? I always listen to my gut so I went inside and poured it in the drain..... YES there was a disgustiing burned up SB in my coffee! He was black and looked brittle. AGAIN im so grateful I sat up late reading all your stories. I do have to re-read as I didnt take notes and forgot alot of the great tips and information.

So we now know that HOT coffee will kill SB's..... I still feel sick to my stomach thinking about what almost happend : /

Yo Turdleman... Yup I really do think these little bastards are some pre-historic bugs..":)
Haven't seen too many stinkers inside these past few weeks. Must be outside proliferating. Same for you guys?

Anyway, been killing lots of house flies with my rubber band. I'm ready for them TurdleMoron!
Have'nt seen a stinker in weeks! Are they all in virginiya?
Also, another treatment idea. Before you spray your home, take off window and door screens and prop them against house. Spray house as usual, including screens. Put screens back on in about 20 minutes (when dry). This should help to keep the little beasties off during the fall swarm (and any other time). At the least, they will die shortly after sitting on screens.


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