The way to bring attention to this issue is to let the public know just how bad it is. Please share your stories with us, and hopefully we can help this problem get the attention it deserves. You're not alone!

This is also a good place to vent, complain, or commiserate about your stink bug struggles. Don't hold back!


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Hello all -  This may be the ultimate stink bug video (pardon the little added in sb).   The stinkbugs outside the house are dead, the ones in the truck are alive.  Show this to your friends who insist stinkbugs aren't a problem.

Hi Sharon - I posted the youtube link two places on this website.  I failed to mention on this link that the house in the video was not mine.


I have been blessed with a stinkbug free home for close to two years (thanks to regular spraying and house preparation- caulking, screening, etc.)  Even the outside swarm in September/October was greatly reduced and none made it inside the house for overwintering.


We will be having the house sprayed next week, again in June and late August or early September.

Someone at work has finally had enough and asked for the name of our exterminator.  She did have a spraying last week.  People who are new to stink bugs don't entirely understand that they are not like roaches or ants.  You don't get the house treated and then you 'permanently' done with them.  SBs are agressive and widespread and will continue to seek shelter in an unprotected home.

JC I agree...agressive treatment works...we prepared our house this past autumn and sealed entry points up...greatly reduced the amount of stink bugs...but we continue to get 2-3 each day in the house....may be coming in on our dogs as they are let out and back in....our cat has become obsessed with scanning the ceiling,walls, and can spot a stink bug in the dark....which we capture and drop into a container of alcohol (kills them and no odor).

I plan on spraying in a couple weeks...demand cs is what you have found effective?

Also do you have any problem with this staining your home siding?

Hey JC,

Success!!!  My native Delaware leads the pack of course:


Die you #I^%((&(#&(


Great article Joe!   They really do have do be careful with anything they introduce.  I saw a documentary on natgeo.  The brown cane toad had been intoduced in Australia to control the cane beetle.  Now the (very large and somewhat poisonous) toad is out of control.   I see in this article that the PW is already being released in Thailand to fight the mealybug.   Will it never end!!!


Here's another interesting article about the pw and stinkbugs.  It says tests show this wasp will reduce up to 80% of the sb population.  I think they can count on us to put a dent in the other 20%!


Sharon - The Demand CS does not stain.  We don't get it sprayed on the windows, just around them, etc.   I would imagine it might cloud up the windows if sprayed directly on them.  Another tip is to remove your screens and spray both sides (and put them back) when you are doing your spraying. 

At this point, I don't think your dogs would be bringing them in.  Most sbs are overwintering for now and are mostly active inside.  Hitchiking is more likely to happen in the summer and fall of the year.   I'm sure there may be exceptions to this.  Do they favor certain rooms?

JC, 75 and sunny.


Bogies on the loose everywhere!!

It's that time, Joe.  I am on alert, but still no beasties to be seen. I'm enjoying the windows being open while I can. 
I am doing my best to spread the word via my blog, Facebook, etc. Please sign up for my blog and help me launch an all-out offensive on these vile creatures!  :-)

I live in Hunterdon County in NJ and the stink bug population has been growing in my house all winter long.  In trying to trap these pests, I bought some glue traps for mice and placed them under lamps in the living room and on the bathroom sink (2 favorite places of the SBs).  I was catching a dozen or more each day in each location. This was not a solution but at least I felt like I was doing SOMETHING to fight back.

Someone my husband works with told him the source of the problem is probably the attic and if we treated the attic we would solve the stink bug problem in the rest of the house.    So he finally went up into the attic on Sunday and was met with dozens and dozens of stink bugs.  He was shocked to see how many were up there. 

We know by observing them all winter long that they are attracted to light, so he installed a "bug zapper" in the attic, hanging from the ceiling.  Sure enough, they were all buzzing around it almost as soon as it was plugged in.  After he was finished, I went from room to room in the house, scanning each one for any stink bugs.  The ones I found I placed in a ziploc bag.   

I placed new glue traps in the same areas as before and waited to see if there was any change.  It has been only 3 days now and it is amazing how the frequency of seeing any downstairs has decreased.  Instead of finding 8 - 10 in my bedroom last night, I found only 2.  Instead of sitting with a flyswatter in the living room watching TV, I was able to relax because there weren't any buzzing around my head.

I know they are not gone completely but as long as they are under control, I am happy.  I really don't want to use any pesticides as I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and we also have to worry about contaminating our well water. Once it gets warmer outside we are going to install another bug zapper outside the house to see if that will dissuade them from coming inside altogether.  Hopefull this is a solution once and for all to the stink bug problem we are having. 

I just ordered - and can't wait to get - a trap invented by Andrew Strube, who sells them online. His Website,, tells his story - which is frighteningly similar to mine.  I'm so overrun that I was writing daily on my FB page, alternately making my friends laugh and moan for me.  They told me to start my blog in response.

So, I'll let everyone know how well the traps work!

very kool trap.  i might just haveta get me a trap and sit out with a case of beer and watch the little stinkers go towards the light.


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