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Well, the stink bug has arrived in western NC today.  A few more than I remember this time last year.  Fingers crossed they won't be as bad as in the MidAtlantic states; they were just everywhere in DE the last few years.  Hoping NC won't be as bad!

They showed up in Western Loudoun County VA yesterday. This is around the same time as last year and numbers so far are similar. Was not too bad here last year compared to previous years so I am hopeful they won't be too terrible. Have not seen a large number in my garden so far. They're so disgusting! One is too many for me!

They have not arrived yet in Central  PA. They should be arriving anytime between now and

October 3rd. We had a horrible time last year with large numbers.  Hot and longer summer temperatures can mean more breeding time for the Stinkers. While we did have some very hot weeks, we also had some cooler temperatures too. I just hope we get an early and hard First Frost... as they will hunker down wherever they are once we get a good, hard frost.  We are trying to be more prepared this year and we used that caulk weather stripping which can seal a window and then be removed without doing the damage that sticky tape was doing to our new windows.  We decided we needed to do more inclusion as they were still getting in some windows that we thought were sealed. 

I used to love Autumn , now I dread it...particularly October as we have trouble with them trying to get in for 6 to 8 weeks..but especially most of October. 

It's amazing right, that no matter how well we seal up they seem to find that one tiny spot to squash their little stinky bodies into & amazing that we could have lots & lots but our next door neighbor have none at all. 

We actually have to do a stinker study of their ways & beat them at their games. They're not very smart & they all follow the stink of previous stinkers so I learned to never squash them & allow them to stink. Grab them quickly & dispense before they can stink. 

We have a few but not many yet. I caught 4 on my front door, 3 found their way inbetween the storm & screen door. Got stuck there & are now in stinker heaven or hell, wherever they are birthed. 

Yesterday, I saw two. One got inside my bedroom window and I captured it with the 

Bugzooka ( they are great  for capturing stink bugs and that way, I do not have to get close to them, my husband then disposes of whatever I catch when he gets home, LOL)I have a real phobia about them. If even one gets inside , I get so discouraged because we spent all last week sealing up every inch of the windows and caulking them and everything else. When one gets inside, it is depressing when we think we did a great job with Exclusion and Sealing. 

We also trimmed all our shrubs and sprayed them but our bedrooms are on the third floor in this townhouse and a ladder does not reach to spray those windows.  We do spray all windows out back next to the creek as we use a hose with a sprayer attached.  

We used Talstar pro and mixed a batch in an old spray bottle. We opened windows and used it to spray around the high windows from the inside.

I was reading about Stink Bugs and once they find an opening to a structure or find a good place to spend the winter, they send out an Aggregation pherome that tells other stinkbugs that a good place to spend the winter has been found and to Come on Down. That explains why we had so many in our guest room  last year as we did not seal up that window as the window was brand new. But apparently even new windows are no guarantee if they can find a spot to get in which they did. I also heard that brick and stone houses get fewer than those of us with aluminum or wood siding. As we have friends and neighbors who rarely get any and look at us like we are nuts being invaded by stinkbugs. Does that happen to you all? An Exterminator told me stinkbugs are also attracted to light so he recommended we shut our blinds and close our drapes and keep the lights outside off as much as possible. 

Thanks for the info Cheryl I didn't know about the stink bug invitation sent out when they find an opening, interesting. I still say they're not too smart because they get in but can't find the very same spot to get back out again then die in their winter safe spot. Stupid, stinky bugs. & yes brick vs siding makes sense because there's usually no place to hide with brick but my siding has slats they can hide under. Also I have slatted shutters next to all my windows for stinkers to hide under. So I use my high power hose which drives them out. 

Just, why?!!  Why?!!  Why do those stink bugs only show up in my bedroom?  Three other bedrooms, not a one of them!  I must go upstairs every half or so to check in my room, and there's always at least 2!  Usually hiding in the sheers on the windows, some on the inside windowsill.  One was just strolling along on the rug in our room!!  We don't understand how they're getting in, the windows are pretty well sealed, and the screens fit nice and tight.  My sister says they just, like me.....  Great.  Just great!  However, there do seem to be less here in NC than in DE, where we lived next to quite a few soybean fields.  Of course.

Because they only like certain environments. Whatever you do don't squash them or let them emit their stink in any way because it just calls more to your bedroom. I pick them up with a paper towel & trash them. If that sceeves you out then get a Bugzooka on Amazon that sucks them up. 

I've have had them invade my house but my neighbors have none. I double screened all my windows inside & out with screens & caulking. Now a few years later their numbers have gone down considerably. Once they can't find an opening they go elsewhere. It doesn't have to be a big opening either, they squash their stinky bodies to squeeze in tiny spaces. You might not see an opening but it's there, they know it & send out signals for more of their stinky family to come. They're not very smart tho because they can't find the same opening to get back out & end up dying in our homes. As soon as your room gets hot enough for them to think it's summer they'll come out of hiding & seek the light.

Another thing, for the 2 months they visit, September & October, turn off all your bedroom lights because light attracts them. You can put a little night light away from the window or small motion lights that will go off after a few seconds. 

My cousin lives next to a pumpkin farm & is inundated with the little stinkers. 

Terry, So sorry. The bedroom is the last place you want to see those! My bedroom used to be the same way. I feared going in there or watching TV at night just to see them fly around. I ended up taping all the openings to the room, even the outlets. They come in there. Not only did I see them come through, but when we took off the covers to replace them, there were dead ones just inside. I think they were getting in my bedroom through the cable opening for the TV--coming through the walls to any opening. Haven't seen one in there for a few years, but every year I dread it and won't rest until sometime by the end of October, when I have an idea that I have seen the worse of the swarm. Good luck!

BTW, I used to think of moving to NC, but thought maybe they were worse there. I guess there's always hope. :-) Like Linda wrote, they're so random in where they go.

Yeah it's funny because they'll walk all over my garage door but never come in even tho it's a very old door with a few cracks & lots of openings to come in. They also don't come in my kitchen but walk all around the window & sliding screen door with openings too. They do, however love to come in all 3 bedroom windows & the living room door. Windows are now heavily double screened & caulked but not much I can do about the front door being opened a lot. but they don't like my house much anymore, happy me. 


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