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Please share ANY tactics you've tried to eliminate stink bugs from your home, whether they've worked or not. We can all learn from each other. Please be as specific as possible!


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My house is a 3 story & they're in all 3 stories. If I take a drink or snack upstairs to put next to my bed they're in it by the morning so I put everything in zip lock bags & they walk all over the bags trying to get in. I give the cats treats in my bedroom & they cover them too.

I wouldn't know how to spray into the walls but if I can figure it out it might be worth a try, thanks.

How did the exterminator find the nest? I suppose he followed the ant stream. That probly won't work for me tho because I see so many of them everywhere outside it's be hard to follow any.

I suppose I'll just spray Talstar Pro around the outside (& inside too where possible) around the house base & windows, see if that helps.

I thought of something we have used more recently.  Terro ant bait.  It is in a little plastic container that forms a tunnel like space.  The ants enter it and take the stuff  back to the nest and the other ants in the nest get the poison.  It will take awhile, but put a bait station where ever you see them come to look for food. 

I used the Terro liquid a few yrs ago. They loved it & had parties around it. Actually it was pretty comical to see them all in a tiny black circle around it but they still came in the hundreds. Never used the ant bait tunnel. Will try that next, tnks again.

I keep a soda bottle when I'm done with it and fill it with soapy water. Whenever I see one I scoop them up in the bottle, screw the cap back on & shake it up. Takes a few minutes for them to die. I keep the bottle for more. But after a while you need to get a new bottle. But soapy water totally works.

hi Catherine,

I hopes its not diet soda.  those chemicals are bad stuff.

I could literally care less if it were acid.  As long as those damn things die, I'm happy.  

Hello folks - I hope everyone has had a wonderful, stinkbug free summer.

However:  for those of you who are new(er) to this site, it's time to plan for your fall, and most important spraying.  We will be doing ours this weekend.  For the past several years, the swarm has taken place mid-September, but I have seen the swarming take place as early as the last week in August.

Also:  for those who don't already know - some of the recommended products to spray with are Demand CS, Suspend Polyzone and Talstar Pro.  A newer product is Cyzmic CS.  These products provide residual coverage that lasts up to three months and you do not need to do more than one fall application unless we would have a major rain event.

Our last two years have been very good, with only a dozen or so sbs seen during the swarm (compared to thousands the first year).  Regular home treatment is very effective.



I agree, I see less & less of the stinky buggers each year. I spray with Talstar pro every fall. I also have BIG ant issues, lots of them. They had no barrier from the yard to my house & thought my house was an extention of theirs.  Terminex told me that I have so many that they now live inside my walls too which is why I see them all year long, even in the winter.

I cleaned out my entire kitchen & zip locked anything sweet in my closets. Then pulled everything off my counters & wiped them down with vinegar to do away with any ant trails they left & to clean out dead bodies. To get rid of any bugs you have to think like they do. Lastly I sprayed the entire back edges of the counters with Talstar Pro.

Except for one incident where the ants let me know I forgot to bag one sweet item, I haven't seen one ant all summer, Thousands all around the house outside tho. Talstar pro REALLY, REALLY works for me. I bought it 3 yrs ago & still have a lot left so it lasts a long time.

Money saved too not calling Terminex. Oh yea & I haven't seen any spiders either.

Heya JC,

Havent seen hide nor hare of any stinkers this summmer.  Maybe some virus or somethings got em??

It's too early, they're still in the fields & gardens getting their last meals & sunshine. Give it time, they're coming. unfortunately.

We can only hope, TM.

Hey JC - just saw your post. I'm curious are you still using Demand CS, or have you found a spray that works even better than Demand?


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