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Hi everyone. The stink bugs have arrived in southern WV for the fall. I ran out of Demand CS and before I order more - I want to ask if its is still the best stink bug spray the majority of you are using to get rid of the dreaded SBs? Its been a couple years since I've ordered - is still the best place to order? Appreciate the feedback from my fellow stink bug haters.

Hi Tami,

We've been using Suspend Polyzone for the past 4 or 5 years, we spray it on the house, on the decks and railings, around windows and doors - it's worked really for us and has made a huge difference!

I still use Demand CS every August and I still buy it from doyourownpescontol. I've seen sb in my garden for several weeks. Last week had 2 on the windows of my house! I usually spray in mid August. Haven't done it yet but definitely need to get going. We also took out a couple of trees that were close to our house and that seems to help a little.

Last year, Here in PA, we got the swarm late, around Oct 1st. That is the week of huge apple harvesting and National Apple Harvest Festival near Gettysburg PA. What is it like other states....we get swarm for six weeks and it can start Sept 15-Oct 5 and last until first frost or Veterans Day.

It is so hot and humid, we need to keep our window air conditioners in until October. So we cover every space between window and ac...even we have to cover in triple layers and tons of packing tape.We find packing tape is stickier and catches some trying to get in causr they get trapped by tape. We then get heavy plastic and tape over it all except for air vents. 

This weekend, it is time to trim and get rid of shrub clippings and spray shrubs.They love to eat our leaves and hide in there

.Then time to spray bushes, house and porch


Finally sprayed the  house last weekend.  I'm seeing more and  more on the house but they are dying thanks to Demand.  Still have them in the garden but the numbers haven't really increased there yet.  Unfortunately the Fall swarm will probably happen in the next couple of weeks.  Last year the heavy swarm began around 9-18.  How's it looking out there??

I saw my first stinker this year on 8/31. Early for South Jersey. Since then one got in a bedroom even tho windows are double screened, so I had to check & retape the screen some more. Picked 2 out of my front door screen, between the screen & storm window. I hate killing them. Trashing or flushing them must be a horrible way to die but they are not welcome guests in my house!!

What amazes me is they walk on my garage door which has open spaces all around the old sliding door but never even try to get in there. Good thing cause that would be hard to cover as is my front door because it's constantly being opened.

I think I am now ready for the swarm. 

The swarm started yesterday and today,cool nights and very warm,sunny days. We have no rain in forecast so it is expected to be like this for while. They are very active.
Very active now in Loudoun County VA!

I am hearing they were very active last week and this past weekend in a lot of different states and locations.  Today, it is much cooler and cloudy and I did not see one. Those sunny and warmer days bring them out in full force. I hate to wish for an early frost, cooler temps, and rain but that keeps them hiding out and not swarming as much. 

The rooms you find them in are where they're getting in, because they don't travel far once inside. First search everywhere in there and close the gaps as much as you can. Then get a foil pan, put about an inch of water and enough dish soap to make it soapy, and put a desk lamp over it and leave it on all night. They'll come out from wherever they're hiding and swarm the light, then get tired and fall in and die. 

Pro tip: don't leave windows open in the fall even though you have screens, unless you've taped around the edges (like with non-harming painters' tape). Typical screens are actually pretty flimsy around the top and bottom (pull them toward you to see how loose they are). Stinkbugs easily wedge themselves and push their way in. They'll also push themselves into the latch mechanism, and when you close the window and push the latch down, you'll probably find a stinkbug sitting on it.  

Another big way they get in is through chimneys. You either have to seal up your fireplace front completely, or get chimney caps very carefully installed to make sure there are no gaps when you have it closed. Make sure the chimney workers installing it understand the caps are to prevent bugs from squeezing in and they need to be REALLY airtight, or the stinkbugs will flood in by the hundreds.


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