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Warm weather is expected this week. Temperatures are expected to be high 70s. So we think the stink,bugs might swarm this week as we did not get a full frost thus week. We might need to spray again, just in case. Unseasonably warm weather might break some records this week
Well the worst of it should be over by the end of this week. I wonder with temperatures expected to be in the 80s this week, will they swarm and be active ?Anyone seeing them outdoors or on your windows or doors due to this record breaking very warm and sunny weather?

Warmer temps here this week as well.  Definitely saw more activity yesterday and I'm sure it'll get worse over the course of the next few days.  Temps this weekend might not get out of the 50's so that will help.  I didn't respray after the heavy rains earlier in the month because the Demand applied in August still seems to be working.

I think they were more active this week than when they first swarmed. We had to spray again, and just in time. Maybe now it's over.

We are having a stink bug invasion in central PA in January. We are seeing them on out doors and windows. This is so strange as the invasion is over by November. We have had a lot of cold days but also warmer days in the 40s and 50s. They move slowly but they are all over our outside doors and windows. We have killed close to two a day since October and since,no break at all..Constant..Invasion.
Anyone else seeing this as we are back to taping Windows as they are finding spaces to get in and bad invasion today ,January 25..41 degrees...Depressing as it is too windy,icy to spray outdoors but these stinkbugs are still swarming our doors

That's terrible!  Have not seen any here in northern VA since the fall.  Hopefully they won't make their way south.  Good Luck

It seems they are actively trying to get indoors any sunny day with temperatures that are 40 or above. I think this bunch here must be resistant to the cold as they have been active since September. It has never been this bad here before

Sorry, Cheryl. Hope it's not still as bad. I've seen a lot this weekend. So guess we'll see them all week. I'm disappointed, as I had my whole property sprayed this past year. Shouldn't be seeing as many. At least we have spring to look forward to soon. :)


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