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Please share ANY tactics you've tried to eliminate stink bugs from your home, whether they've worked or not. We can all learn from each other. Please be as specific as possible!


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Fauquier County VA...was away for a week,,,had sprayed around all doors and windows and in the fireplace, but had not had time to spray the whole house before we left. Came home to lots of dead bugs in the fireplace only.  I wonder if we could get away without spraying the siding? 

We've had them here in Western Loudoun for a couple of weeks.  I sprayed around all doors, windows and roof vents yesterday.  This is interesting:  I saw several dead sb's on my front porch - from the spraying that we did one year ago!!  Seems that Demand CS has some staying power if not in the elements. 

Yes, Talstar Pro, too.  It is still killing them in areas that do not get weather.  This is why I have lightened up on my spraying,,,think we were over spraying in our panic. I am worried about all this use of chemical. 

So should I use dawn liquid soap or any house hold one is good? Also have u tried household cleaning stuff like windex or clorox bleach spray?
Really any dish soap will work. Mix it in a jar with water, shake it up and get it bubbly, and then use a sheet of paper or something to drop them in. They will die within a few minutes.
This works GREAT!  Just wish I could spray it at them!  What a mess that would be though.
We've actually done that outside, by putting the soapy water in a spray bottle. It wasn't very effective. You had to use a ton of it to kill them, and sometimes they would just walk away. My recommendation is to keep jars of the soapy water solution in every room and drop the stink bugs in whenever you see them. Labor intensive, but no smell.
No, I guess spraying them with soapy water is not really effective.  I have bottles of soapy water in several rooms. I prefer empty Vitamin Water bottles as they have a wide opening. Eventually I will put them in every room! No more labor intensive than flushing them! Hate to say it, but seeing them suffer and die in the liquid makes me happy :)

Try putting LOTS of soap and use warm water. I also heard that dawn soap works better.

The first year we sprayed our siding with dawn in one of those hose end sprayers,,,it worked but had to be repeated over and over, so we went to Talstar Pro. 

an old credit card works to flip them in the jar easily! and if they are high up, iIuse a lambs wool duster..their legs get caught on it and then I flip them from that to the jar of dawn/water.

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH..GET AT GARDEN CENTER...put in blower and dust house...same stuff you are paying high cost exterminators...


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