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Please share ANY tactics you've tried to eliminate stink bugs from your home, whether they've worked or not. We can all learn from each other. Please be as specific as possible!


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To get stinkbugs out of your chimney: Light a fire in your fireplace. They will either kill themselves in the flames or be killed by the heat.

Demand CS as well as the other products mentioned in this forum are restricted use pesticides. Unless you are a licensed Pest Management Professional in your state you would be breaking state and federal law. I know it's not likely that you will get caught, but it is possible. And the fines can be far more than you would spend having a pro do it. Also, you need a high pressure sprayer to properly apply any insecticide for Stink Bugs. The little 1 gallon pump sprayers that you get at Home Depot won't cut it. An additional expense that most don't think of.



These insecticides are readily available to the general public at stores such as Southern States. They are intended for use on the homeowners property. I am sure there would be liability issues if you were to engage in commercial use of the product without the proper licensing. I don't believe there would be any legal repercussion for homeowner use.

As I stated, These are RESTRICTED USE insecticides. I am looking at the Demand CS  label right now. The very first sentence in the product description states "For use by commercial applicators." Also in the directions for use section it clearly states: "Only for sale to, use, and storage by Certified Applicators." And finally it clearly warns that it is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with it's labeling.


I have been in the Pest Management field for over 20 years. I am an Associate Certified Entomologist.I have been using these materials extensively for many years. They should not be in the hands of the untrained.   


If local stores in your area are selling these products to the unlicensed they are also breaking the law.


I'm not doubting your credentials. The product I have been using and found available at the local stores was Talstar-P. It does not contain this warning unless it is used as a termiticide. It does recommend the user to contact the pest control regulatory agent of your state to be sure there are not some particular regulations in your state. I have not used Demand CS so, I wouldn't know about that product restriction.

Understand, I/we are not trying to undermine your business. We are just trying to find effective means to deal with these bugs. The particular insecticides mentioned here are ones (of the few left in our arsenal) that are most effective.

What particular insecticide have you found to be most effective? If you have one to suggest, please let us know as many of the pest control companies in our area don't seem to have the most effective stuff available. I'd like to suggest it to them so they can use it on my house.

Yes I'd like to emphasize what Charles Owings says, that local pest control companies do not effectively treat stink bugs.  I was told by Orkin that they have thrown up their hands, they don't treat for this. I live in Pittsburgh, PA- not a small town!  Again, if you know of pest control companies that can effectively treat stink bugs, please post a list here. Thanks!


I understand that you are not trying to undermine my business.:-) No offense taken. I was merely trying to warn of potential problems.

Here in NJ I have found Demand CS to be the most effective. As was already mentioned, timing is very important. Their aggregation instinct seems to kick in around late August and go into early October. So treatment in Aug-Sept. is optimal. Careful attention must be paid to all potential entry points on all levels of the house as well as the surrounding shrubbery and trees.

Even after doing all that some will probably still get in. They can get in around ridge vents and gable louvers as well as come down the chimney. The amount of insecticide it would take to cover all the angles would be prohibitive. As would the potential for drift. That's probably why Orkin is throwing up their hands.  

Also, I am testing an Aggregation Pheromone trap this year which might have some possibilities. When Halyomorphs cluster together they release a pheromone that attract others. We're trying to use that behavior against them. These lures are not commercially available yet, but I'm sure they will be if they show promise. 


I will keep you all informed of the progress.




Someone my husband works with told him the stinkbugs most likely are originating in our attic.  We have been overwhelmed with them in recent months and when the days are warmer, it has been unbearable to share living quarters with them.  So he went up into the attic yesterday - we were shocked by what we saw - dozens upon dozens of them. 

My husband and I have discovered they are attracted to light and warmth, so he installed an outdoor "bug zapper" in the attic.  It has only been about 24 hours and we haven't checked the results yet but I did hear the zapping quite a bit yesterday while cleaning the upstairs bedrooms. 

What we did notice almost immediately was that there was no longer more stinkbugs downstairs.  I have been trapping them on glue traps placed under light bulbs all winter long but more just keep on coming.  Last night watching TV was the first time for a long time that I didn't continually see a stinkbug either walking across the screen of the TV or flying in the air. 

We may just have stumbled upon a fix for them - at least in the case of our house. 

If this proves to be the case, we are going to install another one of these outside the house, to prevent the bugs from coming in to begin with. 

I will update this in a few days and let everyone know if the success continues. 

Todd, I bought Talstar Pro at my local Southern States,,,it is not restricted.  I use a garden type backpack sprayer,,,,well worth the expense with the numbers we have here in Fauquier County VA!! And it works!  No bugs in the house, they land on the spray and die by the next morning --outside!  

Anna, We used a bug zapper the first year, but found that they were too big and getting "stuck" and the burning smell was awful!  Maybe you have a stronger zapper,,,please post your results and the brand if it worked!

Do you spray Demand all over the house?  Or just around foundation?  Does it stain?

Stinkbugs are flying insects that do not just crawl up unto the house from the ground.  It does not stain.  Please be sure to spray around your doors and windows and your chimney if you have one.

Just saw my first one.  SO IT BEGINS....


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