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Please share ANY tactics you've tried to eliminate stink bugs from your home, whether they've worked or not. We can all learn from each other. Please be as specific as possible!


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chester county,PA.
Sharon - you can purchase Demand CS online. You only have to spray it quarterly on the outside of your home and it works very well.

The person who claims to have found a stink bug solution is just looking to make a profit from a very unfortunate situation. If he had such a solution he would have been able to sell it to the government and wouldn't be needing to try to scam people who are desperate. All the information you need to control stink bugs is available on this site or at Cold Climate Gardening stinkbugs for FREE.
Thanks JC yes that is what I figured...this site is great and very supportive to everyone...and free...!
anyone tried yet to fog their chimney to kill the stink bugs harboring there?

Sharon, I think we have the same problem with our chimney. Did you ever figure out a solution for yours?


yes S Cohen...we covered our fireplace as soon as the weather warmed up with heavy plastic and it seemed to stop that entry point..only brought wood in as we used each piece by piece....not pleasant to keep going out for wood but better than stink bugs everywhere from the wood stored inside! Also we just uncover it when the temps are cold and we want to use it...otherwise...keep it covered...and keep them out of the house! GOOD LUCK !!!

This damper cap is the answer for a wood burning fireplace. Seals the chimney from the top and is oporated at the fireplace. 

I haven't found a great solution, but this helps.  I open the damper and spray it with TalstarP and spray up into the chimney too.  I close the damper and spray it again, along with the entire firebox.  We have a glass door, so I spray the inside of that, too.  They do not make it out into the room, but hundreds are dead in the firebox during the fall swarm.  I sweep them out now and then.  Right now, there are no more (late Nov.) but I bet they are still in our two story, high roof, chimney.  

I just lit a small fire last year and they all died.


What do u mean by a small fire
I actually lit a fire in the fp after they became a more recent post..don'do it during the swarming ...they will come down and are too active.

Hi I am a propane gas man and last week I did an install for unvented gas logs and when I fired up the log set I bet over a thousand stink bugs fell out of the chimney.And that was just after they had the chimney cleaned


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