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Please share ANY tactics you've tried to eliminate stink bugs from your home, whether they've worked or not. We can all learn from each other. Please be as specific as possible!


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I've seen them come out of recessed lights and also around ceiling fan mounts. I would've hoped by now there would be a permanent solution to the sb problem. Does anyone know if anybody is still working on a solution or have they all given up? I sprayed Demand a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love seeing them belly up!
My neighbors thought I was having a breakdown a few years ago when the SBs invaded my home. I was in tears. I had 100s and neighbors had very little. I discovered that the gigantic tree that grows next to my house is one of their favorites because it has loose bark they can get under. The tree is a Water Maple or Water Oak. I had a tree company spray the tree which in turn covered the top of the house. The tree company uses Talstar. I haven't had the stink bug problem since they started spraying. They spray mid September and it costs about $400, but it's worth it. The year of my SB breakdown, I also caulked every hole/crack I could find, put duct tape around top of ceiling fans, put screening over vents on roof. I went from 100s in my house to maybe finding 10 a year (knock on wood).
We had good luck with Talstar also. We used a backpack sprayer and sprayed all the vegetation about 20 feet out from the house, as well as the house and attached garage.

I was the same way, Tami. Not too much scares me, but those things were turning me into a freak. No one understood. I think it must have been when one got stuck in my hair--not sure which of us were freaking out more. I started to spray my house and everything around it with Talstar, which I heard about on this site. I had contacted a big pest exterminator, but the guy told me not to bother. so I will be forever grateful to this community. THANK YOU!

 I didn't spray my  trees this year, so I'm a little nervous waiting for the swarm. Talstar doesn't work on the conifer bugs, which I get, too. In many ways, I think they are worse than stink bugs. Guess I'll find out this year. Like Lane wrote above, they were coming out of my recessed lights, too. So I had to find a way to keep them out of the attic. Every year is a crap shoot, I think. Once they're in, they're in. We also cover up our chimney until first frost. That helps a lot. Well, won't be long now until the swarm hits. Another month, and maybe they'll all be nestled somewhere else.

Thanks for sharing all the info and your stories!!  I know exactly when my horror of stinkbugs started, it was when we returned to DE from a trip to NC, in the fall of 2011.  Our central air had gone on the fritz and needed to be replaced, so in the meantime we had window units in the bedrooms.  Which all had floor length draperies... You may have already guessed.  The air was off while we were gone, and when we arrived back home, I turned on the window unit in our bedroom.  First I heard them, thunk thunk thunk.  And then I semlled them.  Oh my.  As I was looking over the ac unit, I THEN saw that the inside of our drapes were totally covered in stinkbugs.  The other window as well.  Hundreds and hundreds of them.  In four bedrooms.  O.M.G.!!!!!  I thought I was going to have a breakdown.  My husband came in to vacuum them up but of course they all started flying around.  Of course!  Since then, I've found them inside my pillowcase, walking across my laptop screen, and keyboard.  They drop right onto the top of my water jug.  They drop on me from pretty much place anyplace outside.  I did find an exterminator strength spray, from this site, that worked wonders on the outside of our house.  I forget what it was called :/  And I got a Bugzooka.  Thank God for that.  Any my husband, sister and mother, who will grab them for me because I just seem unable to pick them up in any way.  Ugh!!!

Oh bless your heart. I had them in my drapes, clothes, furniture and drawers. I was a mess. I’ve caulked and duct taped every crevice I could find. I duct tape around the top of my ceiling fans, screening over all vents in my roof, taped around the vent that comes down from the roof to the stove (the vent was in a cabinet above the stove). I think I had a nervous breakdown when one got stuck in my hair trying to get into MY EAR. The tree company that sprays the huge tree beside my house has been a godsend. They use Talstar mid September. I have only seen 2 bugs so far this year at my house.

I have to say we really haven't had it bad this year in Frederick MD. I haven't seen any at my house in a week, and before that they were nothing like they have been in the past. Something is working around here! : )

I haven't seen hardly any in my veggie garden this year and usually by this time they've done quite a bit of damage. They are swarming the house but much smaller numbers so far. Maybe there is a natural predator!
Has anyone been seeing anything? Is it possible they haven’t swarmed yet? I only saw a few a couple week ago, but I haven’t seen any conifers, yet. So I’m wondering if anything swarmed since the weather has been so warm.
In Loudoun County VA we had a mini swarm a couple of weeks ago. The numbers so far are down this year but I’m still seeing them on the windows, porch etc. Just not in the huge numbers. I didn’t have a problem in my veggie garden this year and I usually have to pick them off of everything. We have taken steps over the years to help by taking down trees really close to the house and sealing all windows. I also spray with Demand each fall. Hopefully the trend will continue!!
We had a mini swarm a couple weeks ago,too. I hope that was it. I remember last year I saw them a little worse around October 16. I haven’t seen hardly any around anywhere else,either. Maybe you’re right and they have met a natural predator or maybe they’re not liking our houses as much now. I know I’ve heard of spiders eating them as well as preying mantis. Either way, I’m happy I didn’t have to seal up all but one of my doors this year, and I’m really hoping it stays that way.

In Central PA,  we had a huge swarm and major problems with them last year. But, this year we have seen 

maybe a dozen total.

In late September, 2  stinkies managed to get into the bedroom but I found the tiny gap in the wnidow where they got in and I taped that up.  But It is like a Miracle and I want to celebrate , But I am afraid to celebrate in the event that they arrive late this year

We had a small frost last night and that slows them down and the colder it gets, the more they will 

hunker down wherever they are.  We thought the local population of them was down due to the spraying for mosquitos in our region as West Nile Virus was discovered with local mosquitos .  We were told that might contribute to fewer stinkbugs when they spray for mosquitos. It is possible some regions have sprayed for them or sprayed for mosquitos over a widespread area  where there is a creek or river. 

My friend moved to Maine and celebrated that they no longer had stinkbug swarms, But Stinkbugs have moved north and there are quite a few in parts of Maine and New England this year.  Since there are swarms in the Midwest and New England,I wonder if they are moving around to other regions,? 


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