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Please share ANY tactics you've tried to eliminate stink bugs from your home, whether they've worked or not. We can all learn from each other. Please be as specific as possible!


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I’m with you, Cheryl. I want to celebrate,too,but I think it might be too soon. My friend wondered if they migrated,but I don’t think they live long enough to do that. Would be curious to know. Maybe they’re like cicadas and only get bad every so many years. All I know is that I’m loving being able to enjoy my favorite time of year a little bit more. I’m guessing if we don’t see them this week with the weather being so sunny,then we might be good for the year. Maybe I’ll be able to set up my garden again next year without them destroying everything. For now,though,I’ll be happy with my current situation.

I saw them for the first time in NE Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie.  I was hoping they wouldn't find their way there and I was so disappointed!  Ugh!  I feel like they're everywhere!

I read somewhere where stinkbugs live for 6-9 months but they breed several times during the summer, especially true if we have a longer summer with warmer temperatures. I do know that my best friend was glad to move from PA to Maine because southeast PA was getting a lot of stinkbugs. Now there is a stinkbug problem with huge swarms being reported in Maine and she had not seen this for the several years she has lived in Maine. 

I do think they've been migrating out of the mid-Atlantic region, probably because I believe they prefer fruit and I don't think that grows around here (at least here in central Maryland). I've seen a steady decline here since the peak around 2010. This past spring we'd get one a week inside, compared to 2010 when it was 2-3 a day. This fall I've seen none so far. Meanwhile, my parents in Michigan where there are apple and cherry farms are getting 1-2 daily which started a few years ago for them. 

You might be right. We lived in Fauquier County VA in the middle of fruit orchard farms. We had thousands of stink bugs on the outside of our house. My daughter still lives in the area and still has thousands. We moved to Louisa County VA and have seen only a dozen or farms near us.

I do know that some fruit farmers in PA were treating their trees to repel and kill off stinkbugs, Stinkbugs were ruining 40 pct of the fruit and vegetable crop in some states which was devastating to farmers; 

I do think areas that spray for mosquitos are having fewer this year. We live next to a creek that was sprayed,

I have had a problem with them destroying my tomatos and bell peppers, they don't like the jalopenos. They drill holes in them and insert a chemical that turns them to mush and they can't just one or two, they have to destroy them all. Neem oil doesn't work and kaolin clay helps a lot. Is there something else non toxic I can use?

I feel your pain!  The only thing that has ever worked for me in my garden is handpicking them and dropping the little suckers into a container of Dawn/water.  Actually if you can hold the container under the SB most of the time they will jump right in!

Thank you.


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