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Please share ANY tactics you've tried to eliminate stink bugs from your home, whether they've worked or not. We can all learn from each other. Please be as specific as possible!


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Another thing I've found from my six years dealing with them: Stinkbugs are really dumb. They won't release their stink unless you REALLY agitate them like by crushing them. You can flick them, swat them, knock them down, scoop them up, suck them into your Bugzooka, grab them in your hand and they just act stupid. So don't fear them, just calmly get rid of them as you see them.   

John, thank you !!!  I did not know about the window latches and I will now go tape those on my closed windows.  They can wedge their way into tiny openings. 

We bought a bugzooka and we use it a lot. It is great for those of us who do not want to get too near to the stink bugs we are trying to capture.  I also found out they will not stink unless squished. As one got on my leg, I freaked out as I am a bug phobic and flicked that thing across the room. It was still moving along but no stink. My sister from the south never saw them before and she got a paper towel to scoop one up but I told her not just throw in trash can and do not squish, toss in toilet and flush.  They are amazingly resilient bugs, I have seen them knocked down by our power washer from several stories up or from the roof and they are stunned but start moving be sure to drown them...We do not get hundreds where flushing uses a lot of water. My husband still flushes them as just a few may get in during the worst swarming time where a few years ago, two dozen would easily get in per day or per week. 

John...thanks for sharing your experiences.!!!

Hi Everyone!

It's that time of year again! Just wondering: I'm in SE PA and have they swarmed yet? I'm guessing this will be the week. It rained here a lot last week, so guessing we have to reapply. I used to love this time of year and hoping I can again day.

Have a good day! Pat

Starting out this warm, sunny day  in NW VA pretty active with the sb.  We also had several days of rain which we really  needed - added bonus that the stinkers were in hiding!   Unfortunately I think we'll see a lot of them this week.  I'm with you Pat - I used to love this time of year but the SB's have ruined it for me.  We can't even sit on our porch and watch the sunset over the mountain.  One thing that is different this year is they've  had minimal impact on my veggie garden.  They were there but in much small numbers than in  years past.  

It's sunny here, and I'm waiting for them to appear. I usually don't see them badly until the afternoon. The last few years weren't that bad, but, I was thinking with the extremely hot summer, we 'd have a repeat of 2010. It's good to you they weren't bad in your garden this summer. I had to stop growing mine because of them. The one bug that was really bad last year was the conifer seed bug, which swarm at the same time as the stinkers. so it was a double whammy. Well, guess we'll all know by the end of this week. Good luck to all!

Pat, the conifer looks so much like a stinker that he dies too, just for looking like one. The bugs pay the cost for looking like a stinker. We, in Sicklerville So Jersey, don't see too many of them, just a few each year but it's death to them for landing on the wrong house. I read they also stink but of different smells like apples, bananas, I suppose whatever they ate. & they spray their stink.(Wikipedia) 

I know what you mean, Linda. One got stuck in my hair, so they go with the stinkers, too. I think they're a little "smarter."  LOL Last year, they didn't die like the stink bugs did. I read on do your own pest control, that it's a different bug spray. Didn't want to mix them. I think they like the pine cones on my pine trees. I'm seeing the stink bugs now, and they're really big. Hopefully, there won't be that many. Now I want the first frost to come. Oh well, if I can keep them out for the winter, then I'll be a happy gal. :)

They are very active today and are on the move. They are moving quickly today because it is warm and sunny outdoors. The worst time of the day for them here is from about 2 pm until dusk.  It is cooler at night so they slow down considerably until the following afternoon.  Warm temperatures are predicted for the next few days.

Those in the path of the hurricane, take care, our thoughts are with you...Stay Safe. 

I am counting the days until the First Frost which often comes shortly before Halloween. The worst of the stink bug season here is from Sept 20 until October 20-25th and this week is always the worst for us. 

It is driving us nuts as while we are killing and keeping out a bunch of SBs, a couple still manage to get in here and there and we cannot locate the exact entry point...ugh. 

Yea same for us. I sealed up all windows & still my gndson comes down & says another one got in his room.Only 2 this year tho but I don't see as many as in previous years anyway. Cooler days here in South Jersey so not many around & the brave ones are moving slowly. I had company today & she saw my stinker juice container. I repurposed an old plastic ice tea container. She said, "What's that a stink bug home?" YUP. I got tired of going upstairs so many times to flush them.

I knew today was going to be active, but expect Friday to be worse. It was partly cloudy today. Friday's supposed to be SUNNY. I never feel relieved until the third week of October. I figure by then I'll know how many to expect.

We now close up our chimney, so not as many get inside. We open it back up in November. I am seeing some dead ones around the property. Shame we have to spray for them. We're killing the good insects, too. Haven't seen a preying mantis all year. I hear they're starting to eat them, along with spiders and some birds.

I need to get the whole house fan fixed, but I told the electrician he has to wait until the swarm is over. They're really the only insects that get me jumping. I'll take spiders over them.

We painted this summer, and when we took off the switch plates, there were dead ones inside. Thank God they didn't get out, though I did see one get through an electric outlet once. Packing tape works great, but I think I'll switch to painters tape from now on.

I told my DH that the worse time of day is around 2 PM on, and he keeps telling me it's not. He figures if they're not there when he leaves, they're not so bad. Yeah, OK. :)

We found that the area on the roof, where our garage and house meet, is where they seem to get in the most, When we spray that area, there's a lot of dead ones there.

Well, it won't be long now, a few more weeks. Hang in there my seasonal stink bugs friends. :)

They get in the attic through the vents, then if you have ceiling lights on the top floor they will see the light and come in through those. Try to keep the top floor ceiling lights on as little as possible.

Keeping lights off as much as possible is a good idea. We only turn on our lights when we need to, then turn them off as leave the room. They are attracted to light so we draw the curtains and keep the porch and yard lights off for the month of October.


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