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Unfortunately, I saw them on the house today, Cheryl, along with another kind of bug that I don't know. Next week is supposed to be in the 70's for a good part of the week. :(

I just saw the forecast and I am dreading next week, lots of sun and warm temperatures. 

It is going to be unusually warm for the first week in November.  

Warm, sunny temps is the last thing we need as it will bring the stink bugs out in force with trying to get inside our homes.  We need another frost and more cold temps. 

Most years, we do not see swarms after Halloween but for the temperatures to get into the 70s in November is so strange especially for parts of the northeast and middle atlantic states.   This draws out the stinkbug invasion season.  Ugh. 

We sprayed again  today. Heard on the news that most of November will be warm, :(  I'd move, that's how sick I am of them all, but it seems like they're everywhere!

Yes it is more like spring and summer  weather outside today. It is hard to believe it is November  3rd.  I was out walking  today and stinkbugs were swarming in different locations. 

I got home and was sure to shake out my sweater outside on the porch and then I changed as soon as I got home so I could shake out my clothes.  

The only thing that gives me hope for November are that some of the night temperatures starting this coming weekend and extended forecasts show some cold nights with temperatures in the low 30s. We need more nights like that. That will at least slow them down as right now, they are flying around and very, very active.  

We need more days with  temps below 60 and more nights with temps in the 30s. 

I guess I'm lucky I didn't see any today but there's still the rest of the week, in the 70's. They don't like my house anymore. I get less & less every fall since I double screened & use Talstar Pro heavily around all doors & windows. I don't understand why they come in, they can't find their way back out again & end up dying of starvation.

Linda, I remember reading about stinkbugs at either the Penn State or the Rutgers University websites that are studying them. They said the stinkbugs eat during the summer months and that holds them over until the following summer.  So while inside, they do not try to eat or mate. They only mate and deposit eggs during the spring and summer outdoors on the underside of leaves on bushes or trees. So that is why in the spring and early summer, we spray our shrubbery and look for eggs to kill on the shrubs. 

So they will not try to find their way outdoors to around May or early June.  But if they cannot find their way out, they will starve as you said.  But I guess they figure it is worth the risk to survive Winter inside and hope to get outdoors by the summer to eat and mate. 

We have dedicated a small handheld vacuum to stink bug sucking.  It smells horrible when turned on, but good to suck up the little jerks.

I also bought a pesticide on Amazon that is working pretty well.  It's made by a company called Terro, and has both a spray and stream function.  I've applied it above all the windows and in every nook and cranny I can find in our exterior.  We still need to caulk and foam the outside crevices, but this is a decent start.  I applied it yesterday and watched several bugs crawl out of the cracks and die.  

Our pest company says nothing will kill them, but the spray seems to work pretty well.  

Heya JC,  havent seen any stinkers this year.  Did God take back his plag??

Hi TM,

Happy to hear your good news; the same is true for me.  I'm hoping the worst is over for those of us who have taken up the battle.

Just a reminder for those who are new to the sb invasion:  I have prepared a document that will help you in the battle.  Just contact me a

Is anyone seeing unusually colored stink bugs? It's been pretty light here in Delaware the last season or 2 and we usually don't see them in July. But here is a picture off what I'm getting this week

That looks like a stink bug nymph.  Here's a link:

Seeing them in my vegetable garden already - seems a little early for them here in Loudoun County VA. Hope it's not a sign of things to come!


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