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I know what you mean , Lane, used to be mine, too. I wonder if there's still a lot of weddings this time of year. I'm seeing a lot more than I have in recent years. Hope the Talstar keeps them out.

Today is the worst day yet this season for the stinkies trying to get in and swarming.  I was hoping this year would be better but it is worse than 2014 , we think,  but it is better than 2012 and 2013.

Because the swarm did not start here until October 1st instead of the usual Sept 20th or so timeline, I had hoped it was good news but it was just delayed 10 days or so.  

Swarming in Fauquier County VA,,,was hoping since we saw so few before the days of rain, that we wouldn't see them...but today they are everywhere.  Interesting that the Talstar Pro we put on at the beginning of September is still working after the heavy rains. In past years we re-sprayed as a precaution; perhaps we didn't need to do that! Our fireplace (with glass door) is full of dead bugs that came down the chimney (we sprayed inside the fireplace itself since we can't get to the top of the chimney). This is 2 weeks later than past years.

Are there WAY more stinkers (and conifers,for me) this year, or it it just because I didn't spray my trees this year? I'm seeing A LOT! Not liking this. Who would? Lol

We sprayed our bushes but we still have a lot.  Last week was bad  until Friday's thunderstorm.  The temperatures were warmer last week reaching the mid to high 70s. We have been seeing fewer these past 3 to 4 days, a sudden drop off since the temperatures dropped into the low 70s, high 60a.  The only thing I can figure out is the night temperatures are going lower and lower as we move through October so they are moving slower.

We are checking to see if we need to spray our front windows again as that storm on Friday blasted the windows with water as the wind was blowing in that direction. If we spot more of a swarm, time to spray again and hopefully the last time this fall. 

There is a chance we may get a frost by  next weekend or next week..I hope so. 

For the first time, I'm looking forward to the frost, which should be this weekend. :)
So far it hasn't been nearly as bad as last year - which was beyond awful. We removed 2 Crepe Myrtles that were very close to the house so that might have something to do with it. We still have the stinkers on the house/windows, just not the huge numbers. Come on first frost!
It's been bad here. They love crepe myrtles. When we sprayed them in the past, they'd all fly out, Those and butterfly bushes. They'll still come out after first frost, right, on warm days? I'm going to be sure to spray the trees next year!

Oh pat, I'm glad you said that about the butterfly bushes because I wanted to plant one or two next to my house. Love the butterfly bushes but hate the stinkers, sooooo as Rosanne Rosanadana says, "never mind."

They don't gather in my trees & I don't have any bushes. So glad it's cold & they're gone from South Jersey hopefully anyway.

We have an old trailer that's been empty for 12 years, big old butterfly bush in the back yard & lots of lilacs in the front that I planted 15 yrs ago. I went in the trailer a few years ago & there were stinkers everywhere, now I know why.

Yeah,it's a shame, Linda, cause butterfly bushes are so pretty. They love my pine trees,too. But from what I've read, there's not much they don't like.

Depending on where you live, a frost is predicted for this weekend in some regions. And it is possible that the temperatures at night might dip below 30 degrees by Sunday night here in Central PA.  It gets a lot better after the first frost. 

I notice they quit swarming on the house and windows when we get about 2 nights where the temperatures dip to freezing or close to freezing. 

So hopefully, the Swarm for the Fall is coming to an end. 

I used to dread winter and I would dislike when temperatures began to drop. But Not since Stink Bugs became an issue. 

Now I actually look forward to colder temperatures where I never did before. 

I am hoping the Swarm is over for now.  I have not seen a Stinkie for over a week.   They did return after the First Frost on some warmer sunny days. Have you all been seeing any on your house, windows, cars?  


It all depends on how many warm and sunny days we have left as we go into November and when we start having cooler temperatures which should be around the corner. 


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