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We just spray the edges of the window opening  (open window to spray) with Talstar Pro from the inside.  I mix it in an old bathroom cleaner spray bottle. If they cross it, they die,,,they would never make it to your bed. Since Talstar only breaks down outdoors, spray only once for the season. No need to tape the cracks.

That's awful!  I feel your pain as I'm sure many of us on this site do.  I've gotten into the habit of shaking out my bathrobe, towels, jackets etc before using.  Hang in there!

After 3 days of rain and chilly temperatures, the sun is shining in the northeast, at least here in Central PA. It is still rather cool but warming up to the mid 60s and the Stinkbugs are out and we are having a bit of mini swarm.  I think we are going to take out the bedroom AC as we have taped and sprayed inside and out quite well but a couple are still getting in. And after th episode of finding one in my bed crawling on me, I think I will just use the fan for those few days when it gets hot..the temps seldom get above the 70s this time of the year.  

A question, does anyone else have a Window AC in a bedroom or living area that they must keep in during stinkbug season, particularly those of you living in VA/NC and places south. ?  How do you solve that problem where it is very, very hard to seal every single crack and then the spray does get them but it sure takes a long time for them to die .? 

We had window AC units in a few years ago.  OMG, we went away for a long weekend, came back and they were all inside the unit, AND were covering the entire inside of the floor to ceiling curtains we had in each bedroom.  It was HORRIFYING.  After that, I got that clear wrapping tape, taped up every opening I could find, including the stretchy part on each side of the ac units.  And I mean, every part of that unit and window.  Never had another come in through the ac units.  We've since bitten the bullet and had the upstairs central AC repaired, and now, yes, all our upstairs windows are entirely taped shut.  One day, when we're sure they're no longer to be swarming, I'll do my best to get the tape off.  But I'll NEVER get over the thousands of stinkbugs in every bedroom.  UGH!!!

Terry, that sounds like a very Horrifying Experience.  

That is sound advice about taping every single inch of the window. We have to do that , not only around AC but every place on the window as these windows are so old and the storm windows are shot. 

A little update, I wanted to thank all of you for the Great Advice. I passed that along to my husband who just did an exterior spraying of the upstairs windows and then I did more taping of those windows and we even did a little interior spraying on surfaces near windows. So Thanks All. 

WOW!!!  its like one of them biblikal plages!!!

Yes Cheryl it does take a long time for them to die. So long that I think the Telstar Pro isn't working & spray again. Never hurts to do it again.

I have a bedroom window AC. I heavily taped it up & shoved a big towel under the AC itself. I haven't had any problems with the stinkers getting in since. Did you try having someone hold a flashlight up on the other side & then tape where you see light coming in? They might have to climb a ladder but it's worth it to keep the stinkers out. You might be able to do it during an especially sunny day too instead of using a flashlight. I did my AC on a sunny day & saw a strip of opening where some sun came in underneath the AC itself that I wouldn't have seen if not for the sun but the stinkers would have found it I'm sure. They don't need much room to squeeze their little stinky bodies in.

Thanks Linda, I am going to do that today.   It is a sunny day.

Let me know how that works for you. Like if you actually did see spots to tape with the sunlight. I had to look under the actual AC because the small slit was part of the AC, not the window. & I said to stinkers, "Aha, that's where you're squeezing your stinky selves in. Well not any more."

We finally found out where they were getting in.  We had assumed it is was around or under  the window AC.  So as we were searching that area, one was trying to get in and almost got in but not around the AC.  We found out they were getting in further up the window, it is where the window is pulled up to put the AC, that area between there and the storm we had to use a lot of tape to seal up that gap.  We may still take out the window AC in the next few days anyway as the nights are pleasant and in the 40s and 50s and daytime temps around here are not supposed to get higher than mid 70s this week and it is October in the middle atlantic states, we often get our first frost almost always before Halloween.  So just about 2 weeks of this to go hopefully.

Here we go, a swarming day here in SE PA. Stinkers are big this year, and there's also a lot  of those conifer seed bugs, which are huge this year, too. Sometimes, they're worse. One got in my hair,  that was pinned up, one day, and I was running around the house screaming while trying to get it out of the tangle. They're quieter, so harder to tell when they're lurking around. So, good luck, everyone. Nice to have a place to come to and get "the scoop", as my kids would say. :)

Swarming here today in Loudoun County VA.  Cool nights/sunny, warm days are ideal for the beasties!   This used to be my favorite time of year but we can't even sit on the porch and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.


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