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I say stick with what your doing if it works! Talstar works for us, but we only spray outside on the first floor. Spraying around the window edges, opening the window from the inside on the second floor. Our house is very tall and we would not be able to
Spray the outside ourselves. My only problem is the chimney. We spray inside the firebox and have a glass door on one and an insert on the other. They die within the firebox in heaps. None inside the house anywhere.
I spray Demand CS on the outside of my house each fall and it works great. I also spray around the inside of the garage and attic and have had no problems. I will continue to use this same product as long as I get good results. How's the sb activity so far?

Saw the first one on the outside of a window today,,,,dead on the deck soon after landing there due to Talstar, I guess,,,we are in Fauquier County VA and this is the week we usually see the swarm.

We are still using Demand CS with great results.  I'm not seeing any yet, but this is the week they have been swarming for the past few years.

After we sprayed, we had a major rain event (six + inches over a few days), here in SCentral PA.  I will observe the beasties when they swarm, and if they are not dying after landing on the house, we will have to spray again.

I saw the first one outside the garage door yesterday. I'm another one who sprays Demand CS outside the house top to bottom. A little extra attention around doors, windows, and edges of siding. I've been successfully using this approach for several years since finding this forum.

Burlington County, New Jersey area.

I'm in western PA and the swarming has started here :/

Loudoun County, VA - they're baaaaack!  Over the last couple of weeks I've seen a lone SB here and there.  We recently had cool weather and now that it's warming back  up they're out in force.  This is around the same time as last years swarm.  I've already sprayed Demand CS and hopefully it'll work once again.

Just started seeing them here in Middletown, Delaware over the past few days. Waiting for the swarm. Sprayed demand outside today. Crossing my fingers for a light season.
Beginning of the swarm today in northwestern Fauqier County VA. Pretty much expected about this time each year :-(

Was watching for the swarm here in Sicklerville South Jersey. Wasn't going to bother securing the double screens that have to be done every Sept or spraying my Talstar Pro but now that I've seen my 5th one this week I sprayed heavily today both up for the stinkers & down for my resident ants. Almost out of Talstar tho, time to buy some more next year.

I have about 6 spider webs near where s.b.'s hang out. I used to brush them down until I saw a sb stuck in one. Saw one stuck there today & will leave the webs up until sb season is over. Funny that this is the time I see them the most. Goody for spiders as long as they're not Brown Recluse, I think they just hide in dark places & don't spin a web, not sure tho.

Love seeing sb caught in the spider webs!

Still waiting for the SB swarm in Frederick MD. In the best last would have been it, this year is different. I only have 1 or 2 on the windows. I did spray the house in early September. Also we didn't see the baby SB that we have in the past. We were wondering if because we had all our bushes sprayed a couple of times with Talstar if that was the trick. puzzling!!!


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