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I've been wondering the same thing, Mary. Was in the hospital a couple  of days last week and wondered if  I missed the swarm. I'm in SE PA. I didn't have a chance to spray my trees this year, so has me a bit nervous. I can smell them when AC or heat is on, so I know they're out there. I saw a few about a week or  so ago on house, but only one or two at a time since then. I guess we'll know in the next week or so. The last years that we had high temperatures over the summer were the years the swarms were bad, 2010 and 2012, I think.  

We had a mini swarm in Loudoun County, VA yesterday even though it was cloudy.  They're out again today so I think this is the beginning.  The first sunny day will probably be terrible.  We are about 1 week behind last years swarm.

We saw what we thought was the beginning of the swarm a week ago (the usual week they arrive), but returning from being away, no sign that it continued. However, we saw 4 stink bugs at our vacation home on Lake Anna, first we have seen there. :-(

Today is the first day I saw any. One got inside despite our best efforts and another two are trying to get in. I hope I have kept them out.   We were a little hopeful that that maybe we would not see any this year but I knew that was unrealistic. 

Here in Central PA, we always see the swarm starting around Sept 20 and it is now Sept 30 and this is the first we have seen any.  We are 10 days behind the usual swarm time.  But yet it is raining and it has been raining but the second it stops raining, they are back on the windows. But they are fewer than usual but noisier, they sound like a chain saw once they get inside and that was only one making all that racket.   

The Good News is instead of dozens or hundreds being on the windows , it is  just a few here and there.. Maybe the very frigid temperatures last winter that would be followed by a warm up and then another deep chill helped to thin out their ranks a bit. 

Yea, raining here too in South Jersey but now at 1 pm it's slowing down so they'll be out tryin' ta get in. I agree I see less & less every year. Maybe in a few years they'll be gone, wishful thinking.

With the warmer weather yesterday, Tuesday, I saw 10 out front & 12 on my back porch. With 3 getting in my front door, the only place I can't keep them out. That's a lot better than the hundreds I used to see a few years ago.  With double screening & Talstar Pro spraying It's much better. I didn't bother to double check my upstairs screens & 3 got in my bedroom. Flushed them & duct taped my screens down.

The good news is the local newspaper says the next 2 days, Thursday & Friday are suppose to be cold & rainy at 59 degrees. That'll keep them away or at least slow them down.

Not only are they smelly but they're pretty dumb too. They have no way of getting back out after they get in so I suppose they're just looking for a warm place to die. Found one belly up & kicking in my front doorway. Flushed!!

We use a ton of sticky packing tape around the windows.  and that has worked well for us. Sometimes the Stinkbugs get stuck in the tape and die there while trying to gain entry into the house.  

We are suppose to be getting new windows in the next year, maybe that will help as our windows are in bad shape.  But even if we do get these windows, we are still going to use packing tape around every inch of the window. We forgot last year about taping the top part of the window and this year, we started to do that and that helps. 

We have to keep a window AC in the bedroom window until mid October as it gets way too hot and humid until mid what we do it tape around the AC in layers....we cut up heavy plastic old shower curtains, and then use Packing tape over and over and over again to cover every single entry point. That helps too but I envy those with central AC and new windows. 

A local exterminator said he has noticed they will try to gain entry into the house until the first frost or until late October..I seldom see any around Halloween and after.  He said we should all hope for an early frost and cooler weather with less sun in October, that keeps them from swarming as much. He said as it gets colder, stinkbugs slow down and they are easier to kill and easier to keep out. 

Thanks for the timeline Cheryl I was wondering when to stop checking for the little stinkers & now I know. When the bigger stinkers come a knocking for candies the tiny stinkers will be gone.

I should state that so much depends on the weather and where one lives as to when we stop seeing the critters trying to get indoors and swarming. If the temperatures are unseasonably warm around Halloween, then we might still see some trying to get in.  

Oh yeah Cheryl I realize that. Prbly if it gets too warm around Christmas they'll be trying to get in then too if it wasn't too cold until then & they froze.

We had very heavy rain here yesterday and last night in SE PA, but today the sun has been in and out. All I can think of is they are going to swarm today, after the Talstar has been washed away and before the next coat. The next few days are supposed to be rainy with the possibility of the hurricane, So I hope they stay away until then. 

If the there wasn't wind blowing the rain at an angle, you may be okay.


I had an Awful Stinkbug experience last night. Just thinking about it Creeps me out but I wanted to share it with you all. 

I felt something crawling on my leg after I got into bed last night. I panic and just flicked whatever it was across the room. I turned on the light and it was a Stink Bug.  Ewwww....Just the thought of it crawling on me makes me sick to my stomach.  I am glad the lights were out and I just flicked whatever it was across the room, by instinct.  But I touched it and it creeps me out.  I can take Anything a Stink Bug does, I am used to it, But I cannot stand them Crawling on Me...!!! Ewwww !!  

What I think happened is the stinkbug was on my nightgown and that is how it got on my leg. I had my nightgown folded at the bottom of the bed until after my shower and bedtime.  At that would make sense as the bottom of the bed is closest to the window where any would enter. I had trouble sleeping last night, when I did, I dreamed of Stinkies. 

I have a Question about Colors and Stinkbugs??  I never had one get on my bed before but this year I bought a Red bedspread when redecorating the bedroom?  Does the Red attract them? If so, I will put on my Dark Blue Quilt and put away the Red Quilt until Summer.  

I have spent all day today doing more sealing and taping of windows and cracks, I cannot figure out where they are coming in...I think I need to reapply tape every few weeks as it does loosen up with time. 


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