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Please share ANY tactics you've tried to eliminate stink bugs from your home, whether they've worked or not. We can all learn from each other. Please be as specific as possible!


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We are in Fauquier County VA. I noted on my calendar that we sprayed with Talstar the 13th of August last year. Haven't done it yet this year, but should get to it next week. Just beginning to see them on our fruit trees and veggie garden which is much later than in the past. Hoping the cold winters we have been having is decreasing the numbers.

In Western Loudoun County VA we started seeing them Aug 29 of last year - the heavy swarm was Sept 20.  I've already started seeing them in my garden so I sprayed the  house last week with Demand CS.  Last year was awful - hoping for a decrease this year.  Good luck to everyone!

Good luck to you too Lane. I'm in Sicklerville South Jersey & will prbly spray in a few weeks. Didn't see any stinkers yet but will secure all my double screens as soon as I see even one. Each year I get less & less.

I have no garden but am in the country surrounded by farms.  My cousin lives across the street from a pumpkin farm, BMSB's favorite. Her house is usually covered with them but oddly she doesn't seem to mnd,  ewwww. 

We get them mostly because we live next to a creek with a lot of trees and bushes and overgrowth all around it where Stinkbugs love to hang out.   But I was told that people out in the country near farms get them the worst.  My friends from all over my area seem to get stinkbugs no matter where they live, some more than others. 

Funny thing is there are some areas of my state who get very few. I have a friend who lives in the farm areas about 10 miles from Penn State and she sees almost no stinkbugs and she lives next door to a farm which grows crops SBS love.  So it is hard to figure out why they come here but not places a hour west of me . 

Here in PA, we get the swarm every year around my sister's birthday which is Sept 23. 

That is how I keep track of it.  Around Labor Day, we start taking out all the window ACs except in the bedroom.   We then use packing tape around all of the windows to seal them shut tight. Then where we have to keep an AC in the window at least until October as September can still be so warm, we tape it all up and put extra layers of plastic around it , We just use pieces of old shower curtains with nice, thick plastic and then we try to put some flexible screening around some other places around the AC.   We wish we had central air and new windows but alas, we do what we can. 

So Labor Day, we do our Stink Bug Kickoff Prep Season and make it a holiday of sorts as we Dread them so much.  So we figure we may as well have a Kickoff Party ..LOL..that or be disgusted and depressed, party is better. LOL

Hi  there-- you all helped years ago when i was working to get a new 'dormer' or whatever the heck it's called/ silicone closure on my chimney which is how my "FRIENDS" were getting into our home.

So- i am in the Long Island area- in a VERY tree-filled area and i already have spotted 1-2 hanging around the sides of the house. I couldn't believe it. And on the EAST side of the house at around late afternoon- when usually it's WEST side- facing the sun where they bask in the sun and try to infiltrate in the late afternoon.

You are all so lucky you can use chemicals like Talstar and all that stuff- it's not legal for us here in NY to get it so i can only do with whatever lame-o crap i can find at Home Depot or Amazon.

And i'm pretty finished with all chemicals since one of my two dogs got lymphoma- however they're now old so it won't much make a difference if we change over things now :(

My big question to you all:

have any of you ever used the FLOWTRON BUG zapper light? I decided to go ahead and order one and i did--- and it will attract and kill and reviews are amazing for it.

Have not hooked it up, looking to do so this labor day weekend.

I just don't want to be spraying things and such.

Last year i tried my concentrated mint oil mixed with water in a spray bottle and put that around doors and windows and i feel like the mint they didn't hide from as much as i read they would?

So recently i sprayed some lavender oil/ mixed with water on some window and one seemed to SCRAM pretty fast. Maybe they hate lavender moreso than mint.

I just can't deal with this. Soon, we are moving- and all i care about is that the new home HAS CENTRAL A.C. because i don't care for the central A.C. i just worry most about my FRIENDS COMING IN THROUGH THE WINDOW A.C.'S!!! lol

Anyway, any advice would be great. Hope you are all ready- they say El Nino is going to make this fall/ winter either super crazy or super mild. So ...... we may see lots of these little jerks around.

ps someone mentioned ants- i have an ant problem too! We had an exterminator/ pest guy take a look and he said they may just be passing by us to get to the original home they are working from/ lair. I hardly see them INSIDE the house anymore (carpenter ones)- but outside- they seem they are on the move ..... so i do think they are passing through.

kind regards all!

I use two products. Talstar P and Suspend Polyzone. I don't have so much as a housefly in my home. Nothing, Zip, Zero.

These products can be found, researched and purchased at

 I finally found products that work 100%. TalstarP lasts 30 days. Suspend Polyzone lasts 90 days and withstands harsh weather. Price is great since you mix 1oz to a gallon of water in a pump sprayer or any other sprayer type containers.

I literally watch the SBs fly onto a treated area and drop.

Thanks for the info John. I'm almost out of my Telstar Pro & will be reordering soon. Will also get the Suspend Polyzone. Do you mix both 1oz's together with the water or make separate batches & spray separately?

Telstar Pro worked great for my ant problem too. We have so many that they live in my walls so I get them to some degree all year. Summertime, of course, is the worst. They think my house is their house & even tho I have everything in Zip Lock Bags the slightest grain of any sweets & all pet foods bring them trailing each other by the hundreds. Once I cleaned up all trails & sprayed Talstar Pro, not an ant to be seen even tho they're scurrying everywhere outside around my home.

HI Linda,

  I use the Talstar P outside as well, it doesn't have the longevity of Suspend Polyzone(90 days) but is as effective. I only use separate batches. Just rinse the sprayer out with water and spray some till just water comes out the nozzle. The instructions on both chemicals say you can spray it as a barrier treatment around the foundation of your home. When I spray up into the area where the vinyl siding and foundation meet, the excess falls to the ground and treats that as well. I really go nuts spraying the stuff, practically coating my whole house. lol. I hit all the J channel on the siding, the window frames, door frames and entire doors. As well as the eaves and anywhere I think they can enter.  I even coat the windows since it dries almost clear. I don't even want to see a trace of one live SB, and I don't.

Hello Stink bug haters.

I've been a member for a few years now and I just want to see if DEMAND CS is still the spray of choice for many of the members? The best spray I've used is DEMAND CS due to recommendations from this website. I need to order more Demand and want to know if you have changed from DEMAND CS to another preferred product. I read where some of you are using TALSTAR and SUSPEND POLYZONE. Tree company sprays my tree with TALSTAR mid September, but I've never heard of SUSPEND POLYZONE. One spray of DEMAND CS last months for me - unless there has been a change in formula (in which case I will have a nervous breakdown). Appreciate any member feedback you can provide. 

I have always used Talstar pro. I like the idea that I can spray it safely indoors around my windows and doors, in my attic, and in my fireplace. It works indefinitely inside-years. Is that the case with Demand? I bought a gallon of Talstar about four or five years ago not realizing how little I needed to use each time I mix it. I still have a lot left before I decide what I'll use next. Outdoors it works for a long time as long as we don't have a heavy rain. Once we have a heavy rain,--which doesn't happen often in VA in September, I spray again just to be safe.
Thanks for response. I've only had to use Demand CS on the outside of my house. I spray top to bottom with Demand, but I've also caulked every darn crack and hole I could find. I had a horrible infestation of SBs a few years ago and once I started with Demand never had problem again.


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