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Please share ANY tactics you've tried to eliminate stink bugs from your home, whether they've worked or not. We can all learn from each other. Please be as specific as possible!


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I haven't seen any, yet. I've been waiting for one to fly at me unexpectedly. I had an exterminator out to take a trapped skunk the other day, and he told me a lot of his customers are telling him they're hardly seeing any. Hope it stays that way! :)

I bought Talstar Pro for stink bugs & it seemed to work very well. Now I read from everyone that they don't see too many anyway so I don't know if the Talstar worked or not.

I have a sugar ant problem. They have moved in to my walls & it has become a huge problem even tho I keep everything in zip-lock bags. My question is will my Talstar Pro keep them at bay like it kept the stink bugs away or should I order special stuff just for them.

Does anyone know about sugar ants & what to use on them?  Or a site I can go on like this one that would help me?  I'd call the company but I suppose they'd tell me to buy something else even if I don't need it just to make a sale.

The Talstar Pro web site says it kills all kinds of ants.  We spray 3 feet up and 3 feet out around the base of our house several times a year (adding around windows, doors, attic, and fireplaces in the fall before the stink bugs try to get in). It pretty much keeps all insects out. 

Thanks for the info Sandra.

Do you know what I can do for the inside? The ants live in my walls so spraying outside keeps the outside ones out but how do I keep the ones that are already in from walking all over my counters & cat food?


I sprayed around the inside with Talstar, but what I found works for those is plain boric acid from the dollar store. I used to laugh at my mom when she told me to use that, but now I know it works. Put it in all the cracks. We opened our surbases and poured it in there and it worked for years. I also heard, but have never tried, to put a line of chalk where they come in. Supposedly, ants won't cross chalk. Good luck with those!

Thanks Patricia, We just put the Boric Acid around the kitchen. Mixed it with pancake syrup & put mounds of it around the kitchen. Will put more around later without the syrup. I tried the chalk method. I have so many that they all got together, stood on the chalk & laughed at me.

HAHAHA I always wondered about the chalk one. Never tried that, but have read it on the Internet. They probably wrote a tiny HAHA in that chalk line. Well, I know not to try that one. Boric acid is great for so many things. So how did things go after that? It took me a little while to get rid of them.  I haven't seen any yet, this year, but it's early. I'm sure they're waiting for their moment.

Well Patricia here's the scoop, again the ants thought we were nuts with the Boric & pancake syrup, they walked up to it, sniffed & walked away, so I scraped that all up & on to the next step.

I called Talstar Pro & asked them if my Stink Bug stuff is also good (or bad from the ants point of view) for my ant family of thousands. She read from their directions & said yes, don your mask & long sleeves & spray away.

So I filled my sprayer & my gndson & I moved the cat food, (devastating to my cats) pulled everything away from the walls & wiped it all down. In one spot that I don't clean much, too hard to get to, there must have been hundreds, dead. Looked like coffee grounds. 

Sprayed doorways, windows, baseboards & everywhere I've seen them in the past on all 3 levels. 2 hours later saw some ants where I forgot to do & sprayed some more.

Now 2 days later I see a lone ant every once in a while staggering like he's drunk so time will tell how well this stuff works on ants. I thought it worked on the stinkers until I read in this site that most people don't see them too much any more. Maybe the stinker reign is over for now. I hope so, I hate them more than I hate those cute little sweet ants. Just as long as they stay outside I'll leave them alone to live their foraging lives.

Hope it works for you!  We have good luck with Talstar!

Ha Linda, I agree.  used the chalk line on my turdles to see where they go.  now i got white stuff all over my house.

I know, right? Chalk line useless!!

Do you have a way to spray Talstar in the walls? I remember years ago we had a nest in an outside wall and the exterminator removed the base molding and poked a few small holes in the drywall and sprayed into them. The base molding would cover the holes when you put it back on. Or if your house is one story, you might be able to spray down from the attic??? Talstar dries clear and can be sprayed indoors, but I doubt it should be used around food areas.  But you can spray kitchen baseboards, etc. Once dry it is safe for your cat. 


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