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Please share ANY tactics you've tried to eliminate stink bugs from your home, whether they've worked or not. We can all learn from each other. Please be as specific as possible!


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Hey its JSBClark, my buddie!

check out this video!!1 Turdles eatin SBs.

I guess there's no accounting for some people's (or turtle's) taste. Ewwwww, disgusting. When my cat was a kitten & didn't know any better she chased one & ate it. She was shaking her head for about 10 minutes & never ate one again. I yelled, "NOOOOO", but it was too late she ate it anyway.

Our chickens LOVE them!

they are waking up here in asheville, nc ... can't offer any advice,unfortunately,  just wanted to get it on the record in case someone is keeping tabs on their range.

What's there to love, ugly & stinky with weird legs that makes it look like they're looking at us. Well maybe their stink is what makes them taste sweet to the chickens, who knows. My kitten didn't think it tasted sweet. Might be the way God made their taste buds, look at chicken hawks. aka buzzards. They feast on dead stuff, the smellier the better. Garbage disposals they are.

Hi, JC. thanks for the chart. I noticed that the chart is sponsored by the makers of Demand. So as good as it looks, I'd still go with what the majority of people on here recommend, first. LOL Personally, I have found that the Talstar works longer than it stated on that chart, but I did buy some Demand to try next.  Hope it's as good.

BTW, everyone, should I spray again now as they are coming out? Thanks!

If you sprayed last fall around areas that they are "coming out" of, they will still die.  We have to spray in our fireplace (one we did not use this winter) and as they come down the chimney in the spring, they crawl across the fall spraying and die. The residual effect of Talstar indoors is very long term. 

Thanks, Sandra. We used Talstar, too. I haven't seen any yet. We covered our chimney with talstar soaked tarp until the first freeze, so maybe we have to  spray there again, if they're going to try to hang out there this spring. 

Oh, you should be good!  Our chimney is too high and we are too old to attempt to get up to it :-) but that is a great idea!! They try to leave in the spring,, unfortunately they seem to come DOWN our chimney to get out, instead of going UP. 

 We saw two   on a plant near the window trying to make their way outside to begin the summer of mating and 

feeding. Well   they will not be going anyway except their own funerals...LOL.

 The good thing is the Stinkbugs 

want to get outside and mate and eat now that their hibernation is ending.  They only want to come inside and invade our homes in the fall.  Our goal is to try to kill the eggs that the adults lay  on the underside of  bushes and shrubs...if we can kill the eggs, fewer will hatch and grow into adult SBs.   It is just really hard to find those eggs clusters and get rid of them all. 

I'm not seeing too much stink bug chatter here. Does that mean no one else has seen any yet, either? I thought, for sure, I'd see some today. Although, tomorrow is supposed to be pretty warm here in SE PA.


I killed 3 bogeys with my trusty alcohol spray bottle just yesterday. They are like the grass, just a couple of weeks late.


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