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Please share ANY tactics you've tried to eliminate stink bugs from your home, whether they've worked or not. We can all learn from each other. Please be as specific as possible!


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My husband accidentally microwaved a stink bug for at least a minute (it might have been in there for more than one usage of the microwave which means it could have been in for about 8 minutes).  It lived, was crawling around happily and did not spray its stink.  I catch them with a clear cup & paper and flush them down the toilet.  When they get cold, they go into a comatose state (looking like they're dead) and wake up whenever it is warm again.  So I've been flushing "dead" ones too.  I don't understand what they live on.  I don't have any fruit or plants inside my house.  Anyway, microwaving appears not to work (as we found by accident).

YO Saraw,


Microwavin dont killem?


That gives me idea.  I'm gonna get the wifes tazer and see if it kills em.  It only stuns me but maybe it will killem.


i'll report back

Looking for a safe spray for our basement/root cellar. Worried about our small dog breathing fumes.
Last fall I noticed a few stink bugs outside and was alerted to them by an article in the Newark Star Ledger. My area was not swarming with stink bugs.
Through the months of Sept and Oct I would notice one a day and was not freaked out by them, because I assumed they were coming in the house with me somehow.
My concern is that around the middle of December I started seeing them again - again only one per day. Usually they are alive, but not very active and they are easy to catch. I'm assuming that they are not outside and coming in with me - they have probably been in the house for months now.
I usually see them on the second floor - it seems that they appear out of nowhere. Most of my windows are new and I don't have window AC units - I fear that these SB are in the attic.
My first question is why am I seeing only one per day?
But my main question is what's going to happen in the spring when the weather warms up - will they suddenly wake up and start making baby SB and swarm out of the attic?
Thanks for your help,

Most probably are indeed in your attic. they are seeking warmth and the small spaces around your light fixtures and vents just radiate warmth. Doesn't take much of a crack for them to get in either. You will probably continue to see them at about the same rate for the rest of the winter. If you want to stop them, you can take down the ceiling fixtures and caulk or tape around the electrical fixture box to the surrounding drywall. The same with the vents. Just take them down and ductape them all around to the vent and drywall. It's a tedious job but you will only need to do it once. Take some good clear non-silicone caulk and caulk all around your interior window and door trim as well.

Two up sides though. They lay their eggs on new tree leaves, not in your attic and, come springtime, they will tend to leave through the same holes they entered your attic as they leave a stink trail so they can find their way out.

Come springtime, give it a week or two of good warm weather to let them leave the inside of your house and from under your siding and trim. They have more important things to do in the good weather than to stay in their winter nests.

Once they are gone, go out and buy a bunch of tubes of that clear non-silicone caulk and a good sturdy ladder. (a bunch will probably be about 30-50 tubes depending the size of your house and the type of exterior siding you have). Caulk every corner, window, door, trim piece and every gap you see that is wider than a dime is thick. Especially all the trim up along the edge of your roof.

To help assure you get all the gaps that let bugs into your attic: with the attic light off, during bright daylight, go up into the attic and make note of any places you see light coming in. Then, go outside and caulk those locations.

If you have the louver type soffit vents (typical on older homes), replace them with the screen type. If you have ridge roof venting, be sure the bug insulation that was supposed to be installed with the vents was actually installed. If not, have it replaced and installed properly.

Next, have your local bug guy apply a good layer of insecticide dust over the insulation in your attic being sure to keep it heavy along the eve line. This will kill any of the SB's that manage to get through during the rest of the SB season.

I know this sounds like a lot of work and it is but, it's better than having a house infested with stinkbugs next winter. Oh, and I can guarantee they will be worse this year and until the Government concedes that these are more than just a 'nuisance' and do something about them.

I can tell you this works and is pretty much the minimum amount of work necessary to keep them out. You will be very glad you did it come next fall.

BTW: if you plan on having someone do all this work for you, plan on spending in the neighborhood of $2000 or more. Still well worth doing.


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, that is a lot of work and I would need to hire someone to do it. But my problem is I wouldn't even know what type of person I should hire to do all of the caulking - any ideas?


Also, how are these SBs surviving without food or are they hibernating - and if they're hibernating, why am I seeing them?

A reliable painter or handyman should be able to handle the job.

I guess you could say they were hibernating but, more like a slowed metabolism. They are still moving, slowly and looking for the warmest place possible to stay through the winter.

Charles great advice !
I'm a home builder and remodeler. I have worked on this package all last summer and proved it this winter so I can offer it to my clients come springtime. It'll help them out in a big way and put a little jingle in my pocket which will be helpful in these lean building times. Might be the only good thing to come from these stinkin' bugs!!!
Hello. I've read all 20 pages of this discussion after finding 3 more live SBs in my bedroom tonight. I'm afraid to sleep after reading about the "burn" one person received after sleeping on one. My question is are they attracted to the dawn/water solution? Can it be used as a trap or just to kill them after you catch them? I've been having my husband flush them because I wont touch the ugly suckers. I dont want to do the fly tape/dead bug thing in my bedroom. Yuck. Any ideas?

I'm afraid at this point there is not much to do.  When they leave in the Spring you can do the caulking

that has been suggested here.  We moved into our house last December, and would see one or two a day

in our bathroom.  We had an exterminator spray twice in September and October, and now we haven't seen any there.  Still one or two in the family room (total, not daily), but nothing like last year.  Both rooms face the West side of the house where they must enter from the woods.  They do seem to be attracted to the light.



They have been reported as being attracted to water (bottles/glasses) sitting on bedside table but not as a method of trapping.  You can easily knock them into a container of Dawn/water and they will be history (coffee can half full of the mixture with a lid that you can replace for future visitors?)  You don't have a window a/c do you?  They are favorite hiding places for stinkbugs.  For now you could put PAINTER'S (not duct tape) tape around any ceiling light fixtures, around window trim, baseboard etc.  Do you have one of those attic entry ways in you closet?  You could tape that off for now too (every edge).  If you have central air, remove the vent cover and place fine screening on the inside (don't forget to clean this periodically).  You might also set off a Hot Shot fogger in your attic (remove dead stink bugs several days later).  They will become very active in April/May as they move back outdoors.  Be sure to have the exterior of your home sprayed with Demand CS in early September and do your caulking and screening as you can find the time.

Best of luck!


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