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Please share ANY tactics you've tried to eliminate stink bugs from your home, whether they've worked or not. We can all learn from each other. Please be as specific as possible!


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Thanks Lane. Yuk! to the hose caddy. What a nasty surprise! Unhappy to hear they are probably cold proof.
How cold were your coldest temps? I'm in PA and the temps may be a bit different (wishful thinking).

Ur ol buddy, the Turdleman has gocha covered. One of the little beasties is in a plastic bag outside today and tonite under a pile of leafs. i'll report back tomorrow.
Thanks much, Turdleman. I'll be looking forward to your reply.

I just got around to checking out your video with the cat and the stinkbug.......really funny!
That video just kills me JC.

Hey. I brought my new little pal in this mornin. Its 17 degrees out. he was dead as a dorrnail. 10 minutes later, hes walking around.

im tellin ya, they aint of this world JC.
we closed off access places for the stinkbugs to enter and winter over at,doors,vents,even got radical and covered our fire place with plastic until the chimney got cleaned and vacumed that has helped significantly...but a stink bug or two seem to find their way in on firewood (we only bring it into the house a piece at a time so they won't warm up and crawl out...but geeze...even in this cold weather they seem to stay alive in our wood stack!!!!
ANY ONE HAVE SOLUTION TO THIS??????????????????????
Hi Sharon, The problem would be that if their metabolism is really slowed down, any steps taken might not be effective. I would consider covering your wood with tarps and maybe setting off a fogger (under the tarps) on a warmish day. Wouldn't want to do that if it would make your wood overly combustible - perhaps someone at the hardware store could tell you if it is SAFE to do that. Other than that, careful inspection is the only thing I can think of (and they blend in so well with the wood).

Just thought of something else - maybe you could make on of those stinkk bug traps using tin or plastic and Christmas lights. Put it out by the woodpile and maybe they would crawl into it. Or hang out a bright light bulb over a few select pieces of wood (close to the woodpile) and maybe they would all move to that wood and you could dispose of them. Good luck!!
I live in central NJ. OMG, yesterday I was cleaning my teapot collection which is above my kitchen cabinets and found a live stink bug in one of them! It crawled in through the spout! Anyway, I put it in a plastic bag, secured part of the bag under the doormat, and left it outside over night. I took it in late this morning. The legs and antennae were not outstretched. It looked and acted dead in the bag. I left it on the bathroom counter. By the way, I found two live stink bugs in this particular bathroom this morning (in a zip lock bag waiting to go out tonight)! A couple of hours ago I looked at the stink bug found inside the teapot and it's alive! Legs and antennae are outstretched once again. Unbelievable! I'm going to put all three out tonight and will post results tomorrow night.
Thanks, SBMST -
No signs of life yet in these 3! Yes!

Hey SBMST and JC,


Freezer killed #2 now.  Maybe the temp needs to drop to around 0 for them to die.

Great news, Joe!   With the wind chill it's supposed to be -5 here tonite - that should make a few sb ice cubes.

yes thanks...I know they are not REALLY dead...but warmth of the fireplace sure wakes them up quick...I check each piece of wood closely...they must be in a crevice or hole in the wood and I don't see them?

I am a bit afraid of the fogging idea :-O but the trap may be something I will try if it continues...funny thing our cat and dogs are always scanning around for stinkbugs...they are very disturbed by them as well!


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